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Yamamoto HA-02 in Singapore

  1. ngklan
    11 month old Yamamoto HA-02 amp.
    Mint Condition
    Comes with original box
    Warranty till Oct 28 2010
    Bought at 1.7K (SGD) WTS at 1K (SGD)
  2. Henerenry
    Will you consider post to Australia?
  3. ngklan
    Thank you for your interest. Prefer not to as I would prefer face to face transactions. Makes thing easier. Sorry : (
  4. LouLanooch
    If you haven't already, it might be a good idea to post your equipment here for face-to-face sales since it's a Singapore forum: http://jaben.net/forums/
  5. mogs
    Still available?
  6. markm1111
    YGPM. What voltage is it? Any pics?
  7. ngklan
    It is still available. I will am travelling so I can't provide pixs. It's a 220V. I will post more details when I get back next week. Sorry for the delay.

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