Yamaha YHD-1 Orthodynamic Portable style headphones
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Mar 30, 2007
Selling my Yamaha YHD-1 ortho. This was Yamaha's final top end ortho in the 1980's. Featuring anisotropic magnets for higher efficiency and a newer style YHD driver.
Small slim form factor , with earcups that flip to make it flat. A special convertible plug to make it 3.5mm or 1/4" easily and still keep the plug sleek.
These YHD drivers are faster than most of the Yamaha Orthos, and they pump out slamming bass like nearly no other.
With a pad mod I think it would be one of the finer orthos, and the very slim light form factor makes it more unique amongst orthos. Most people think they are toys because of how small they are, but I think the YHD is superior to YH1 and YH100 (not yh1000 though).
Condition is good, no funny smells (non pet and non smoking home). The headband leather bit is a bit worn, but thats how all examples of YHD are, this one isnt as work as some others. Usually I affix it to the metal headband with a little bluetack, but I took it off now because of this sale.
I purchased these from Faust2d, and am looking to get what I paid. £92.
I am willing to post anywhere worldwide for actual postage cost. I am located in UK.
Feel free to pm me with any interest or questions.
Payment by paypal (in a way i pay no fees please, so either paypal personal/gift, or you pay the paypal fee). Or if your in UK bank transfer is also good.
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