Yamaha Vs Rogue
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Jul 6, 2011
Hey Everyone, Thanks for looking
So, I am seriously considering picking up a Yamaha A-S3000, I have the CDS-2100 that has made me a huge fan of the high end Yamaha line (Also considering upgrading it to the 3000 down the line, but unsure if there will be a large enough difference to warrant the difference in cost, but I digress) 

So, the crux of my question is that I currently have a tube integrated amplifier (Rogue Cronus Magnum II) that I have been thoroughly enjoying. I am considering moving to the Yamaha, partially for synergy and partially for the balanced inputs for, I am wondering if I would lose the detail of the midrange or a comparison of the sound from the unit.

Unfortunately none of the places around me have the unit, so doing a true A/B comparison is not truly possible.

Those who did a test similar test, or have experience with the Yamaha A-S3000 especially against other amplifiers, and tube amplifiers in particular, is there anything gained or lost with one versus the other. 
Also this solid state is a bit unique, that even professional reviewers are having difficulty discerning that the yamaha is not a tube amplifier.

Regarding sound, I do find the midrange important, especially instrument placement and vocal definition and detail, but I did hear this unit sounds much like a tube amplifier. Not a big bass head, but bass is needed, especially with music I listen to, which tend to be quite dynamic and varied.
Any help would be appreciated.

For reference, this equipment I am using is listed below:

Clearaudio Performance DC with Satisfy CF tonearm and Dynavector 10X5 cartridge
Yamaha CDS2100 SACD Player
Sony HAP Z1ES (With ModWright Truth Modification)& PS9.0 External Powersupply
Shunyata Hydra 8 Power Conditioner
Usher Mini 1 Dancers Floorstander Speakers 

(Current Amp) - Rogue Cronus Magnum II with 1960s 12AU7 & 12AX7 Tubes + KT120s Power tubes
(Considering Amp) - Yamaha A-S3000

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