Yamaha MT8 review
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Dec 5, 2013
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YouTube @ Fastguitars
Dec 5, 2013
YouTube @ Fastguitars
Yamaha HPH - MT8

Specs :

  • Fit Style:Circumaural (Around the Ear)
  • Driver Size:45mm
  • Frequency Response:15Hz-28kHz
  • Impedance:37 ohms
  • Cable Type:Coiled and Straight
  • Replaceable Cable:Yes
  • Cable Length:3.9' (coiled), 9.8' (straight)
  • Plug Size:1/8", 1/4" adapter
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:0.8 lbs.
Ok, we got that out of the way..
For me, im not really into specs,.... im into sound.
I recall an interview with the late great Ray Charles, upon being stranded in the studio with a geek who was raving and ranting about the specs and options of a certain "new" plug-in.
So, Ray patiently listened to all the geek had to say about the features, the specs, the dynamic range, and how much attention was paid to get the look of the interface to be "authentic."
Finally, Ray smiles and then points his dark glasses at the geek and says......"Ok, but HOW DOES IT SOUND". !!
And thats kinda my same template that i use when i think about headphones, or think about buying new ones, or explore the world of "reviews".
I dont really want to hear about its linage or the IQ of its Designer, or if it is "assemble by hand", or comes with mod pads, or any of this info..........All i want to know is ......how does it sound to ME ???? As if it does not sound good to me, then to me the headphone is not any good, no matter how many others gush and praise and cheerlead all about the materials used, or the beautiful box, or the high cost, or the limited edition, or if Tyll loves it, or the fact that the pads can be swapped out.
Never mind all that.......just let me strap myself into it, and if its good, i'll know, and if its money i just burned, then i'll know.
And i dont mind burning the money, as my headphone (hobby) obsession, along with my music (career) obsession, is something i LOVE, and i like to invest my money and my time into what i Love.

So, about the Yamaha MT8s..
Whats wrong with them?
Well, they are a closed system, and some lovers of strap-ons can't deal with this at all.
They are not quite as light as a feather.
Also, they have protein leather pads and for the first 20 hrs they have a slight tho noticeable clamping pressure that i would describe as modest, but, noticeable. And, they can ride slightly warm on your ears if you use them for extended listening sessions and if you dont use a lot of AC.
These work best in a cool room, and not outdoors where its warm..
The bad news is..., they push the 1kHz- 3kHz way toooooo much., as this is their fatal flaw, and its a killer.
So what is right about them..... ?
They cost $200 USD, they are very well made, and were it not for the crazy hyper mids, would be a giant killer.

These have a British type of midrange and treble EQ....in that they are not a "V", and are not a "U".
However, they are hyper midrange impacting, and rely on the mids to give you their best musical listening experience, which is what ruins it.
"And what about the bass and the treble".
Well, the bass is nicely extended, better then the HD600s or 660S.... and the Trebles, are rich, and sparkly.
Their bass is definitely not somewhat overcooked as you find with the HD650s.

"Can you tell me what they sound like?
Yes, they sound somewhat like the HD600s, with way too much midrange.
"Can you be more specific"?
Yes......they have a slightly dry tho rich and way too overcooked midrange, a sparkly treble, and not a bright one, .... And their very decent bass response is very solid without bleeding into the midrange or sounding thuddy.
They come with 2 cables, locking, (gold connectors) and the ear cups are not the deepest you'll ever strap on, but they are not like Beoplays H6's or even the H1707s which both, in my opinion, are just too shallow.
My initial reaction to strapping on the MT8s, was......"hummmmmm, these feel pretty good, lets take a ride"....

So, wrapping this up.....
I vote that you should avoid them, especially if you are wanting an affordable and quite excellent sounding closed set of headphones, as the mids in these babies are grinding and abrasive and thorougly ruin their overall sound.



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