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Yamaha hph mt220 thread (Merged)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rikifi, Apr 5, 2013.
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  1. Lorspeaker
    now that we hav taken a short detour into iems..
    took out my JVC850 for a spin on my desktopamp...its like a DT150 in  a very relaxed mood....
    nothingggggharsh, v smoooth kind of sound :p ( this iem needs an amp, dun try it naked off your fone)
    this iem is a woodenwonder.
  2. waynes world
    I just took a look at your headphone inventory. Somewhat disgusting from my point of view lol! Impressive that the 220's get 90% of your ear time :)
  3. Lorspeaker
    ...stacking out the space, so that i wont buy anymore c...a....n...s   or  p...a....d....s
    will need to give these babies a sunbath once the sun is out, there should be mushrooms on the HE6, LOL.


    Yammie :p
  4. NuckinFutz

    Yamaha Eph-100. Yes I'm obviously becoming a yamaha fan :)
  5. Arttt
    i am curious about yamaha eph-100 hmmm , heard someone said sound character is on a bright side , and notes don't hold in the air , no decay ...  very snappy sound
  6. Arttt
    probably i end up like Lorspeaker, tempted to buy everything that makes sound, geting all those headphones, headphones will be laying all over the living room coffee table , on the chair and couch , and few pairs on  the kitchen table.
    Just like that old crazy lady with lots of cats from the simpsons )
  7. NuckinFutz

    I'd only partially agree with that. They are very snappy, but only only in the upper regions....I'll try and find a waterfall chart in a bit which I think shows this.

    The overall character is not bright, most people describe them as having a smooth or even rolled off treble. I'd describe them as pretty smooth with warm and well extended bass. They have a peak that highlights symbols slightly, quite unique sounding. Comparatively GR07 have a peak that highlights the snare. The presentation is similar to the MT220, very dynamic sounding...not great width but good depth...3D sounding. The mids are almost forward, very aggressive guitars, lovely!
  8. NuckinFutz
  9. Juan Virgo
    Just made a comparison a week ago,,, very dull and boring,  flat sound when compared to MT220,
    the JVC frz80 (even cheaper) is so much better and involving.
  10. NuckinFutz

    Sure you've got a legit pair? Big issue with fakes out there.
  11. Juan Virgo
    I can not be sure for 100%, a friend of mine order it from here... it looks like a legit pait..
  12. NuckinFutz
  13. Juan Virgo
    Thank you! Will check it later. Very interesting...
  14. Arttt
    hmmm interesting.  I just got beyerdynamic mmx102 , and i am not happy with them at all , muddy warm sound with lots of microphonics cable noise.
    i think ill send them back and get yamaha eph100
  15. NuckinFutz

    Make sure you order from a registered distributor, like Audio Affair for example. I would also recommend Vsonic GR07, I'm really undecided what I like more, I'm always switching between the 2.
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