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Yamaha hph mt220 thread (Merged)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rikifi, Apr 5, 2013.
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  1. Arttt
    Dr.Frankenstein  has nothing on you )))))))))
  2. Arttt
    instead of buying all those corks and gels and whatnot, go and get yourself Shure Se535, it would be mt220 with warmer mids , tighter lowend, more refine and detailed presentation overall, and you can enjoy music anywhere... in the middle of a street while ambulance and police cars are passing you buy with all the sirens you won't even notice it , isolation and comfort is that good :)
  3. xanlamin
    Yes, but at 3 times the price [​IMG]
  4. nabwong

    Except for the fact that they sound nothing alike. Lol
  5. goodyfresh

    Yeah dude one is a full-sized the other is an IEM, they're nto even comparable.
  6. Lorspeaker
    u have left your firstlove?? LOL
  7. Juan Virgo
    The old and boring se535 nipples , will never sound like huge sounded MT220 pure fun speakers.
  8. goodyfresh

    "Nipples?" LMAO!

    That being said, dude, you're missing a very important fact about the SE535. . .the signature changes based on the tips!  The graph you pointed-out here is the one with the three-flange tips.  IEM's with three-flange tips, in-general, have major issues with treble response a lot of the time.  Also, you'er completely ignoring the CSD Waterfall Plot conveniently provided by Golden Ears, which generally, when available, can give a much better idea of hwo something sounds than the frequency-response plot alone.
  9. Arttt
    IEM's on ears over the ears huge sound little sound dark bright cheap expensive  high impedance low impedance ...
    Now sound is all about atmosphere  for me, not every headphone has atmosphere , but every atmosphere has a character , something you can't put your finger on ... but thats what grabs my attention and gets me emotionaly engaged into the music, i put technical aspects aside with  a smile on...
    Once i was with one girl at a coffee shop eating chocolate cake with vanilla souse and i said " it taste like beyerdynamic t5p"
    Girl was like  HUH ????  whats beyerdynamic t5p , she asked ...   i say -  its a headphone )   She looked at me like i am from another planet )
    Taste of that cake had same character as atmosphere that beyerdynamic t5p creates around your ears , and those characters reminded me of each other  , just as Shure se535 atmosphere character reminds me of mt220...
    but hey .. if you guys all about comparing  over the ears to over the ears , and IEM's to IEM's , and its all about FR , do the robot dance :wink:
  10. Arttt
    my first love was beyerdynamic dt440 , back than i thought i was insane for paying 150 € for a pair of headphones )))
    what was your first love ? )
  11. Lorspeaker
    For closed cans, had to be the pro900/Jmoneypads :p
    Sold the first for another with dualentrycable, but that went dead after a year,
    then came the yammie...and life has been GREAT.
  12. waynes world
    Well, since you asked (he he), mine were Koss KSC75's (on Parts Express headband). Hmm, I just threw them on again. I think I'll just go back to them - very nice atmosphere!
  13. Music Alchemist
    My first love in the "entering into the more expensive headphones world" context was the QC15. (Bose QuietComfort 15) To this day, it remains among my favorites (I approximately ranked the stuff I used to own in order of preference, if anyone wants to see on my profile) and is tied with the MT220 as the two most exciting headphones I have heard. (The FR of the QC15 is a lot more colored, but I'm assuming everyone here already knew that.) Most people don't get to hear what the QC15 is really capable of because the electronics on the stock cables interfere with the signal. Simply using a normal headphone cable dramatically improves the sound.
  14. Alexnova
    You have any recommendations for genre master IEMs?
  15. Music Alchemist
    I don't use IEMs, sorry. Once I get most of the high-end headphones I want, I'd like to try the Spiral Ear SE 5-way Ultimate and JH Layla CIEMs.
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