Yamaha HP-50S Orthodynamic Boxed (stereo)
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Mar 30, 2007
For sale is my Yamaha HP-50S, with original box. This is an import from Japan. Dated somewhere in the 70s/80s.
This is the 'S' version (ie stereo) therefore you dont have to recable it to enjoy it.
Condition is excellent. No smells at all. Box is in decent condition with a little bit worn of from someone pulling off a sticker, and also a blemish.
The headphones themselves are in about as good condition as youd ever expect to find these headphones. Excellent condition.
They are stock.
You can enjoy them stock, but modding them would yield amazing results. HP-50S have a warm and very dynamic and enjoyable voicing. They do vocals amazingly. They have a great toe tapping quality about them. And they look darn cool too :p.
Imo, if your looking to mod an ortho, and want one in excellent condition this is a great one to go for. HP50S offers great bass capability and really I prefer a modded HP-50 to most mid-range modern dynamics out there. (ie HD650, denon etc).
Selling because I have way too many headphones, and not enough time.
Payment by Paypal (personal or gift to avoid fees), or Bank transfer.
Im in UK, I can post anywhere worldwide.
Price is £59 plus post.
Post costs:
UK: £4
Europe: £8
Worldwide: £15
(I also have some TDS-16 orthos to sell, i have both versions (smela and kiev) for anyone interested)
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