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Yamaha EPH-100

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  1. miow
    He's joking. Did not like the EPH-100's and think this is hype and stupidity/ignorance, so is answering with the same coin. We are all ignorants here. Viva los "Veteranos"!
  2. tomscy2000

    This is what happens when newer members encounter veteran members [​IMG]
    I'm pretty sure 4321's post was completely written in jest... AJ is meant to be average_joe, who's basically the resident custom IEM guru on Head-fi, as he's reviewed dozens of unique customs.
  3. Nulliverse


    I'm with you regarding FLACs, and who knows, I'd probably be with you if I could ever afford a £300 cable.
    I'm not sure where you got the 900hrs from and can't validate whether it's true or false, as I've not spoken to anybody who has owned them for long enough. Time will tell. However, I'd be suprised if it was as long as that.
  4. nipit
    So many burn in talks these days that I am starting to believe that everything burns in [​IMG]
  5. Gilly87

    :mad: How dare you accuse me of such a thing!! :p
  6. james444 Contributor
    @Music, no chance to top your post in hilarity/stupidity, so I'm not even trying :wink:
    No, seriously, I was among the first to try and acknowledge these phones and I'm still grateful to tienbasse for his recommendation, but frankly I don't feel comfortable with recent developments in this thread. To my ears the Yamaha EPH-100 are very solid performers without major weaknesses, but they're not the giant killers that some would like them to be. If I had to name one thing that really stands out I'd say isolation, which is exceptional for dynamic driver based IEMs, but that's about it.
    Honestly, I don't experience world-shattering separation, nor mind-blowing layering, nor larger-than-life 3D presentation. I know it's an unfair comparison, but when I switched to my W4 after three days of commuting with the EPH-100, it was instantly apparent that the Westones are simply better phones, period. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to spoil the party, but please let's keep things a bit more down-to-earth. [​IMG]
    dogears likes this.
  7. archy121

    eke2k6 - There was talk on this subject at an early point & agreed that it was little bit harder to drive than some e.g fx700.
    I for instance +2 volume on the X1060 compared to stock buds & that does not really affect  much as i'm  still at 16/30.
    I'm inclined to agree with Nulliverse. The non fatiguing sound is allowing me to turn the volume up right to maximum when having one of those moments with a track.
  8. Kaffeemann

    How would you rank the EPH-100 among your other dynamics?
  9. miow


    Well, it's just "your opinion". And your friend's. Let's wait for |joker's| and so many other people that are about to write about them [​IMG]
    For me, it's the best IEM I've heard and I don't need to say anything else as I've already said it all. I did not have this fun since the Hippo VB old days and these are 10x better. Cheers mate!
  10. pack21


    for some like me who are starting, just want to know if these are or not be an excellent purchase for its price ..... do not understand why some experts with high-end are so bothered by the fact that these EPH appears to be good, if they cost 3X more, would be Good, now? If I read, they seems to have a interessing SQ, but not as good as the W4, I8 I am already satisfied, because the truth is that only cost me € 100.
  11. archy121

    You could be right James444.
    But than every ones ears are different. One mans Caviar is another's sick.
    The positive views expressed in the thread must be reflecting what they are hearing & a testament of their appreciation. There are plenty of experienced individuals in this thread with positive views on the IEM - its not all all frog spawn talk.
    And lets be fair, W4 are $400+ & EPH-100 $115. Even if the EPH100 were doubled in price, there would still be a huge gap between them & plenty to appreciate still from its sound quality.
    At its asking price the W4 still has its issues if not in technical proficiency than certainly in the sound signature. If it didn't it would have been at least on my consideration list.
    To some price/performance may not be justified for W4. Others just like the sound signature of the EPH100 irrelevant of how much it lacks technical proficiency or its price point - like me.
    The positive views of various individuals expressed in the thread must be reflecting what they are hearing & a testament of their appreciation.
    People should continue to party & be vocal much as they want if they are enjoying the IEM's so much. Its irrelevant if some think they are cheap for individuals that don't know how to appreciate true quality sound. Everyone to their opinions.
  12. miow

    Probably [​IMG]
    @james444, are your beloved $30 Playaz N1 still as good as the IE8's? So, better than the EPH-100's? :D Just curious as I still got mines (in the drawer) :D
  13. jchrist
    Just for the record: I'm not as much of a stickler when evaluating IEMs as I am with full-sized cans because I only use IEMs on public transit; as such, I'm unable to listen to them as critically as some other head-fiers do. (Evaluating full-sized cans is a whole other ballgame, but I'll leave my thoughts on that for another time/context.) Also, I purchase everything that interests me, as long as it's within my budget; anything that fails to live up to my expectations gets binned, gifted, or sold. I realize that most people are more prudent with spending and that's perfectly understandable, but I can only evaluate audio gear properly by actually listening to them and comparing them against my other cans/IEMs. I do the initial research/legwork here on head-fi and on some other audio forums, but the final decision-making is done in person when I actually have the gear at hand.
    As had been stated before by more objective head-fiers, we have our own sound sig preferences and it's quite difficult to gauge whether a particular set of cans/IEMs will live up to those preferences based solely on reading up on third-party evaluations as the biases (and other such conflicts of interest) of those evaluators need to be accounted for. As such, I echo james444' sentiments re: toning down the hype and trying to maintain objectivity, however difficult it is when evaluating new purchases. I don't frequent the equipment forums here, but based on my limited time doing research here, it seems that it's already complicated enough for typical users to do comparative research without all the fawning and salivating. I reckon that "keeping things down-to-earth", as james444 put it, would allow head-fiers to make more sound decisions (i.e., less influenced by groupthink / herd mentality).
    Again, I realize how difficult it is to remain objective within a hobby as subjective as this, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try. :]

  14. miow
    lol [​IMG]
  15. Daemonoid_B
    Now I want to try triple driver BAs[​IMG]

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