Yamaha EPH-100

  1. beerfesten

    i can say a lot about this iem (9t), which i will not,until someone asks.

    What i can say is this: if the eph-100 is 100%. the pioneer is: 92% (da comradskys). (the senheser momentum, in MY view is: 70%)

    There..i said it.

    Like "la beast" would say: "Have a nice day!"
  2. beerfesten
    I have to correct myself.

    After 1.5 day with the pioneer i have to be honest.

    92% for the pioneer is too low a rating.They are fantastic.

    I now think they are closer. Both rock. It might be just so that: the pioneers have even a little more presence.

    & then, i noticed the pioneer do not have the h2o issue.

    I listened to the pioneers for 4 hours non-stop. I took them out, & saw: a tiny (0.5 ml?, 1ml?)
    pool of water on the outside of the fragile plastic mesh(seems very fragile).

    Listened to both of them with xonar essence st & sony experia z3c(which sound rocks, btw).

    They are very close in my humble/beerfest opinion, more like 1 or 2%. The..TINY..advantage to pio(wtf)..but mb this is psychogical..
    Yamaha! you cannot let them do this! This calls for revenge!! This is war.
    Make the eph-200 even better! (& do not charge 150 euro for a detachable cable please, bad spirits are likely to haunt you then).

    For those about to rock..i salute you
  3. emklap
    I'm a happy user of the EPH-100 for some 4 years now (together with Fiio X5& FIIO X5II) and am happy to hear of the arrival of the EPH-200. Can't wait to for the first review.

    A tip for you who think your yamaha's have died; try this. Remove the protective mesh that covers the dynamic driver. Surprise all the great sound is back, I even think it improves the sound. I had to do this for both side as the sound suddenly dropped in volume. I suspect the mesh gets dirty and does not allow sound to pass anymore.

    Let's hope the EPH-200 shows an improvement in sound, for me a touch less bass and more mid range clarity.
    And can we have the silicone tips sold separately ! ! ! I need a replacement set for my EPH-100. The old ones are broken.
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  4. Passenger11
  5. phixion
    My new EPH-100 came in from Japan.

    The Sony tips are for other earphones :)

    IMG_0344.JPG IMG_0345.JPG
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  6. phixion
    Holy cow, I'm done.

    My cat has absolutely destroyed my new earphones, she managed to chew through the cable when I went downstairs for 2 minutes. I'm gutted :frowning2:

    I have found an electronics store near me that repairs earphones amongst other electronics, so going to get a quote from them on Monday. Are these things easily re-cabled?

    Again, gutted.
  7. beerfesten
    O man..a lesson in frustration tolerance =)

    My cat ruined only 2 pair of 10 euro iems i used for night/in bed.
    He jumped on my bed, bit the cables & looked at me..
    I am lucky that he, for some reason, never ruined my good ones.(he can, he can reach them easily all the time)

    Forgiveness for him
  8. tienbasse
    Or maybe some education while he/she's still young...
    People seem to mistakingly think that you cannot educate cats like you do with dogs.
  9. phixion
    Yeah, I've been lucky until now. Worst thing about it... it isn't even my cat, it's my neighbours! She just started coming to mine through a window and has ended up staying.

    She just see's them as a toy, I caught her behind my PC last night trying to chew through the cables.
  10. Lifted Andreas
    Cats and cables dont mix. :frowning2:
  11. Zol0ft
  12. chickenmoon
  13. stryed
    HA! I have free roaming bunnies! I sleep with my cheap ones!
  14. emklap
    Agree, IMO Fake. the "R" on the right earbud is the wrong font, to wide. The packaging is not right.
  15. Zol0ft
    Ok thanks for letting me know! :)

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