Yamaha EPH-100

  1. beerfesten


    I also have these sony's.(650 for my phone, & they are very good for this/.average use)

    So, they are very good for telephone use. But. I truly think you are underestimating how good these eph-100's are. They are out of production, helas, & yamaha has replaced them with crap, m-crap.
    But for "hifi" the yamah eph-100 are WAY better. In my private setup, i have a xonar essence st & the eph-100. In my opinion, its the best. Senheiser suck it, sorry but crap -).
    All these "new" iems with the standard shape/small nozzle are missing presence/mid. So if you can hang on to the yams, mb you should do this. but well, cant argue about taste.
    I happen to like presence/mid.

    Cant argue about taste
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  2. phixion
    Yeah I mean I loved the Yamaha's but I am not willing to live with them dying like that every hour, it's just not feasible for me.

    Have you seen the EPH-200's? Similar form factor but detachable cables and hopefully a fix for the condensation issue. https://asia-latinamerica-mea.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/headphones/eph-200/index.html

    I only got the Sony's because they were well regarded and cheap, once Black Friday is here I will be purchasing something a little more high end. Also planning on the EPH-200 when they're released.
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  3. Raketen
    Zero Audio Carbo Tenore is a good budget replacement for eph100, though I have read some complaints of variability and build quality with those as well. They also have a new "iTenore" variation out but it comes wiith flat cables (uggh)
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  4. beerfesten
    If these eph 200's are only even a replacement(even with the moisture issue) i would buy them in a second
  5. stalepie
    I'd appreciate if you report back with how the EX650 compare to the EPH-100. I have the Sony but not the Yamaha.
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  6. phixion
    The Yamaha's were my favourite earphone, for me they beat the Shure SE215, HiFiMAN RE-400 and the Sony EX650.

    The Yamaha EPH-100 sound "cleaner" overall. The EPH-100 has amazing punchy bass, but that bass is more controlled and never distorted. It has more detail throughout when compared to the Sony MDR-EX650. Not to say the Sony MDR-EX650 are bad, especially for their price! The MDR-EX650 remind me more of the Shure SE215 in terms of sound, it's very bass driven.

    As for fitment, the Sony MDR-EX650 don't isolate as well for me, they fit nicely and are guided in by the housing that rests in your outer ear, but the isolation isn't as good as the EPH-100. The Yamaha's are so tiny you can insert them deeper and cause a more airtight seal.

    If I could get a working and reliable pair of EPH-100 I'd be using them over the Sony's, but again, you're talking a now £100+ earphone vs £37 earphone.

    I hope they fix the condensation issue with the EPH-200, it seems a bunch of people had it. Some people think it's due to the metal housing, but the new EPH-200 appear to be built the same way.

    I’ve got some new EPH-100 on the way from Japan, quite a good price, only a little more than I paid on Amazon UK. I hope I’m not slammed too hard with import duty.

    Here’s hoping they don’t meet the same fate!
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  7. stalepie
    Thank you. I suspect the XBA-100 with the more bullet-like housing (also brass) might fit more like the EPH-100. I just got a pair of those yesterday and they are quite clear in the mids and highs, but lack bass. The EX650 sounds more v-shaped in comparison, more bass-driven, but isn't as clear.
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  8. beerfesten
    Yes..these new eph-200 look very, very nice indeed..The eph-100 (200) is back -) (at least in asia & latin america..)
  9. phixion
    November 30th according to some Japanese eBay Sellers. I'm hoping they come to Europe around the same time.
  10. tienbasse
    If the shell is still made of one piece of metal (seems to be the case on pictures), then the moisture issue has not been solved.

    You need to break the thermal bridge between the nozzle of the rest of the shell to avoid condensation inside the nozzle.
    Easiest solution is to have a nozzle made of plastic or a piece made of plastic between the nozzle and the shell. Or an alternate to plastic that doesn't conduct heat/cold.
  11. deepee

    It seems that the problem is not item dependent but user dependent: if your ears tend to sweat, or you
    leave in a humid place, this problem will occur. It certainly occurs with my unit. My solution for it is
    the following: first, I always keep it in a small plastic container for earphones that has a separate
    compartment. In that compartment I put a small sack (2x3cm) of silica, those you often find
    within new bags. This dries the units between use. The second thing is that I replaced the
    ear tips with Bose's new stay-hear ear tips. I think that the original ear tips are responsible to extra
    pressure that partialy causes the ear to sweat. This is not a full proof solution for everyone, but
    so far I am happy with it.
  12. phixion
    Yeah I’m well aware I could end up getting stung by buying a new pair of these, but I’m willing to take the risk.

    One thing I might try is not using them immediately after getting out of the shower. I’m guessing the moisture inside the ear may not be good for them.

    I only let my last pair exhibit the issue twice within the same day before packing them up and sending them back.

    If these fail, does anyone have recommendations for something similar?
  13. beerfesten

    You will never get "stung". You bought a top-notch iem, better than most, for a good price.
    For the price there is no better.

    Just carry paper towels =)

    I think the moisture problem cant be solved.
    If they make the nozzle plastic, you get a horrible plastic sound.
    If they make the nozzle metal, you get good sound + h2o.

    If you want a good seal(which i wont, i love the airiness of loose seal), one has to insert them tight --> h2o builds up, skin in ear cant breathe.

    Well i have accepted all this, for a good sound.
    Even if they get drowned, just wait a bit & they sound like new.

    Even if our yamaha-heroes could have told us this, (they could have & they didnt), i forgive them.
    they are afraid of loss of money & satan (all these ceo's love him)-)

    This is the state of the world in which we live.

    In the mean time i'm enjoying my eph-100 (soon 200)
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  14. Raketen
    Not related to headphones, but I have read before that it is good practice to allow our ears completely dry out after washing, since residual moisture can encourage bacterial growth and contribute to infection risk- so using IEMs immediately after shower may not be a good idea to begin with.
  15. beerfesten
    Even if i am training for Beerfest, & my coherence level might drop a bit, i decided to buy for my phone, a pioneer se-ch9t.
    (It has a mic & all, and is not "only made for apple", (this should be forbidden btw)).
    It should be here tomorrow. I will report on this later.

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