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Yamaha EPH-100

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  1. Raketen
    Interesting news item- idk if this is going to be manufactured but saw this EPH-100 with wht looks like MMCX cables on a Japanese blog: http://head-bank.com/potafes-2017-summer/

    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
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  2. Passenger11
    Think if I contacted Yamaha and actually begged them to machine me some of the original ear tips, they would? They pair so beautifully with so many of my iem's, and they are go to partners for my A4s, and Shockwaves.
    It's a shame really..., surely there would be market for them....?

    Last edited: Jul 28, 2017
  3. FlyingRhino
    Very cool if true!
  4. LegendarySlayer
    Any more news about this?

    Did some sleuthing, and according to this blog:
    "Another model, there was a model that mania was paying attention. It is a model that will be a high-end model of the long-selling model "EPH-100", and this year we plan to start selling at the end of the year. Do not change the driver, respond to the high resolution with tuning change. It will also support MMCX's re-cable."

    Pretty keen on this new model if it does release, since can't find the originals anymore anywhere.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2017
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  5. daveyostrow
  6. oqvist
    Are the eph-100 being discontinued? I still love mine so wonder if its hamster time. Of course if its discontinued to make way for eph-200 that may be tempting or it may not. Long time comfort is my only issue with them.
  7. DooberKnob
    Is the eph-100 still a top contender for someone looking for a smooth and bassy iem around $100-150? Most of the popular iems I hear about at that range tend to be more v-shaped or bright which my ears can't handle (I'm super treble sensitive).

    However the eph has been out awhile and I'm not sure if something better has surpassed it.
  8. Raketen
    Take my opinion with a heaping of salt because I haven't had EPH100 for a long time and I no longer try to keep up with all the hyped earphones (and there have been MANY since the eph-100),

    Though I didn't love them personally, I'd still rate EPH-100 as a top quality model (to some extent regardless of price) because IMO it is a coherent/balanced take on that type of signature
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
  9. oqvist
    Just got my second pair of EPH-100. Sound exactly the same as my old pair. They survived the washing mashine quite well. Was in their protective case and it resists some water at least besides my work pants. Took some days to totally dry up though :)

    I just wonder why all the plugs is absolutely gigantic? The smallest ones is the only one I could fit and it´s still very tight. And I am not that small 187 cm tall. Not that it necessarily relates to gigantic ear canals :p.
  10. shpickering
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
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  11. navii
  12. phixion
    Finally got my pair and have to say, these are amazing. I just hope they survive a while.

    Sound wise, they beat the Shure SE215 easily, the bass is clean and deep, yet the mids and highs sound detailed.

    They have become my favourite earphone. I can't wait for the EPH-200, it will be an instant buy for me.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2017
  13. phixion
    I know I'm 4+ years late with this reply, but I'm finding the total opposite to you.

    I prefer my EPH-100 over the RE-400 and SE215.

    The RE-400 is very clean sounding, but without question light on bass for most people, I find that although the bass is tight, it just doesn't have enough umph - quite frankly I think the bass is quite pathetic on them at times, even though I'm not fan of bass heavy earphones either.

    The SE215 bumps a bit harder than the EPH-100, but not much. The problem for me with the SE215 is that the bass seems to completely consume the mids and highs - The EPH-100 are far cleaner in that respect, the mids and highs are still very much there.

    In my limited time with IEMs, the EPH-100 are my favourite so far. When these break I'm not sure where I'll end up, hopefully the EPH-200 are out by then!

    EDIT: I cannot believe this, just a few days use and I've just started getting the issue with the right ear volume going lower than the left. I've treated these things with kid gloves and they've never been disconnected from my PC.

    I cleaned my ears a few days ago so they are completely clean, there's no wax on the tip or the grille.

    This is gutting, I love the sound from the earphones but I've already had this issue twice within 2 hours. I guess I have to return these to Amazon for a refund, I bought the last pair and they no longer sell them as they're discontinued.

    I recently contacted Yamaha UK regarding the EPH-200 and got this response:

    "Thanks for your email and for your interest in Yamaha A/V & Hi-fi.

    With regards to your question, we have been checking with our sales team and as far as we can see, these have only so far been shown in our Japanese on line brochure, at this point in time it is not known if these will be released outside of Japan.

    So all we can recommend would be to keep a regular check on our UK website as all new and up and coming products will be first shown here.

    Hope this helps and if you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Many thanks

    Yamaha Technical A/V"
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  14. beerfesten

    Dont return them.(i was thinking the same back in the days)

    Short aswer: they are fine. Let em dry.

    Long answer: These iems are in my opinion the best. But. They cannot handle moisture. If your ears (& all ears do) produce h2o, or you are not living in the desert, then: take a paper towel. Every 30 minutes put the paper towel on the grille to soak up the moisture. This is the price to pay for having great sound with the eph-100. Thats it. If the volume drops in one of the sides, this means water has accumulated there. It has no permanent damage, but it needs to dry.
  15. phixion
    I already sent them back, I am waiting for the EPH-200 and hoping they don't have the same issue.

    I use my earphones at my PC all the time so I can't do with having to dry them every 30 minutes, just not viable for me.

    For now I purchased some Sony MDR-EX650AP, I'm waiting on Black Friday sales for more expensive stuff.
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