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Xuelin Tuner DAP - a tuners dream, fully modular (DAC, LPF, AMP, LINK, DAMPING)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Nayparm, Jan 5, 2019.
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  1. maira
    Battery life is a Deal breaker....
  2. dmkbox
    Yes, looks like battery life with midrange IEMs about 4-4.5 hours. Damn it.
  3. Orrillo7
    Cuando se usa solo como dac dura 4hora por salida de linea a mi amplificador estacionario
  4. dmkbox
    Sure this battery life dismiss player from outdoor usage.
  5. dmkbox
    Maybe your dap has faulty battery?
  6. Nayparm
    Much better battery life with the balanced amp, 2 x OPA1622

    Unfortunately I don't see any more development or firmware fixes going on which puts me off. The OS is the same as the xuelin ihifi990, it never left beta. For it I unscrambled the firmware in linux, to mod, correct all the english and reskin it, rescramble and repack/reflash. Not what an end user should have to do.
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  7. thesheik137
    I have said this before in other threads, but the OS is always the pitfall of most DAPs.

    Either they cannot do enough development like Xuelin or they try to do too much and have lots of bugs, like Fiio and other android based systems which crash all the time.

    The only smooth/bug-free OS I have used is the one made by Lotoo. It is so basic and light, that it boots/scans super fast and and never has any issues.
    Quadfather likes this.
  8. BanC
    It looks so retro. Weird-looking and retro. But I like it.
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