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Xuelin Tuner DAP - a tuners dream, fully modular (DAC, LPF, AMP, LINK, DAMPING)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Nayparm, Jan 5, 2019.
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  1. Nayparm
    Cheers Ivan, thats as far I figured but didn't know which forwarding agent was anygood.
    Thought I was onto a winner with https://www.baopals.com fully english Taobao site, but they aren't setup for global use till later this year.
  2. Nayparm
    Updated OP with a load more pics and a video link.
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  3. gr8soundz
    Any mention of a Multi-bit DAC module option for this player?
  4. Nayparm
    Not read anything as yet.
  5. Nayparm
    Good news, penon will be stocking it soon :)

    penon audio <penonaudio@hotmail.com>
    Mon 1/7/2019, 10:01 PM
    hi, dear friend
    thanks for your email .
    I am glad to tell you that we will sell xuelin tuner very soon .
    we will keep you informed when we get it in stock .
    any questions , pls feel free to contact us.
    best regards
    FaceBook Group :https://www.facebook.com/groups/1221974387914138/
    Ebay store
    : http://stores.ebay.com/Penon-HiFi
    Penon Official Website: https://penon-official.com/
    TEL :852-60630308
    Business days: from Monday to Friday .
    Business time: from 10.00AM to 7.00 PM (HongKong time)
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  6. gr8soundz
    Says it's in stock:

    I'm in the market for a new DAP however, I need more info about price and availability of the optional modules especially this one:
    from Penon's page:
    "3.HEADPHONE 2.5mm Balanced output connector (requires optional balance module to work)"
  7. silverfishla
    Love the concept of this DAP/amp. Wish they would provide a blank amp module to swap opamps ourselves instead of having to buy theirs. Love to stick a Burson or a Muses02 in there.
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  8. Nayparm
    Wow that was soon! still they didnt email to let me know.

    Mmm you must need a balanced amp module.

    I'm also confused as i've seen it called the H8 and the H9 and a Lite version mentioned.

    I'm guessing you will be able to get the boxed one with a selection of swappable modules and just a basic version with no modules or maybe just 1 ? No idea yet.
  9. Nayparm
    I reckon the silver one is H8 with the box and 8 modules and the black one is H9 (as in first pic of OP, it says H9 on it) with no additional modules i.e. lite version. I maybe completey wrong though haha.

    As suspected its running the ihifi990 OS so I should be able to mod this firmware/theme also :)
  10. newtophones07
    That is pretty expensive as a base, and you still have to buy a balanced module for 2.5mm output. My goodness what is it going to cost to change the dac chip to the ESS pro chip?
  11. Baljortar
    I wonder if it has a reclocking system before the dac with better crystals than the mcu to reject the jitter. Like a fifo or something like that.
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  12. Nayparm
    Now available on Aliexpress

    Also more new pics added near the top of OP :)
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
  13. Baljortar
    How does the Dap controls the jitter?
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  14. Nayparm
    I've not read any info about the clock sources as yet. Any email I send xuelin seems goes unanswered or maybe in a junk folder somewhere lol.
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  15. Baljortar
    That's sad. I hope that they've implemented a fifo or FPGA for that, because all the other stuff is actually amazing, from the power supply to the output.
    Thanks dude. Have you heard it? Or do you know some of who has already heard it?
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