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xuelin ihifi780

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by chris1975, Jan 12, 2017.
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  1. walfredo
  2. jdog
    To be honest, I'll have to let others comment on the treble extension.  I tend to listen mostly to blues and blues rock, so for my listening needs, I find that the bass and mids sound very good, and vocals are excellent.  I can say that cymbals/triangles, pianos, horns all sound very natural...  Although I really like the sound quality of the 780 and the ease of maneuver with the side buttons, I would still consider the new 770 rockbox'd to be the better value overall. The 780 handles FLAC very nicely (even 24/192 files) and I've had no problems with the few DSD 64 and DSD 128 files I have; it also natively plays AAC and ALAC files; but it tends to process the files slowly when using microsd cards >64 gb.  It does not currently offer gapless playback, cue support or graphical equalizer...  I don't know how many of these issues can be addressed with future firmware upgrades; and I think we all recognize that Xuelin's overwhelming weak point is their firmware department anyway.   In its current form, the 780 seems to me to be a good DAP choice for someone who is looking for a purely on-the-go portable player as a backup or secondary player to his/her primary DAP.  So for me, the 780 is a great option when I want sound quality similar to that of the 960 dual-core and I only need to take along a portion of my music file library for short term listening... and I don't have to choose just MP3 and 16/44 FLAC files.
  3. jdog
    The UI is very simple to navigate, but the 780 has very limited functionality.  I personally prefer the buttons on the 780 to the touch screen of the new 770, but if you compare the current 780 with the rockbox'd 770, then I would have to say the rockbox'd 770 is a better value overall.   And, at least for now, the new 770 is less expensive than the 780.  As I wrote above, I would consider the 780 a good secondary DAP, whereas I would consider the 770 to be a good introductory primary DAP, esp if it is rockbox'd.  The screen on the 780 is small, so it makes navigation thru your file library a bit more tedious.  Despite its limitations compared to the 770, the 780 has much better file support (hi-res FLAC, AAC, ALAC, DSD 64, DSD 128 and DSD 256), but since my 780 has problems with microsd cards >64 gb, then some of this advantage is affected by limited storage...  Maybe someone will be able to rockbox the 780 (Xvortex, are you reading??) and maybe this will improve the 780s ability to process files more efficiently, thus allowing for use of larger microsd cards...
  4. Marcofra89
    Ok, thank you for the infos, i would try the 780 because i like a lot how it looks. So for now the only big problems with it for me are the gapless and the limit to the sd. Hope a firmware will solve it.
  5. jdog
    I think you will really like the sound you will get with the 780...
  6. XVortex
    Is any info about 780's hardware? CPU, memory, display, etc and/or detailed PCB photos?
  7. TwoPalms
    Is that ihifi 100? Is it suitable for sensitive IEM?
  8. golov17
    i'm not use any iems, inly earbudsman :grinning:
  9. jdog
    Here is a link to aliexpress and if you open the site, you'll be able to get the most information that is currently available...  The CPU is another Rockchip, but it is hard to see which one due to the blurry picture.  The DAC is Wolfson 8740.  They do show a schematic of the DAP, but I don't know how useful this will be to you...  Thanks for anything you can offer for this player.  Here is the link:  https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-XUELIN-IHIFI780-Portable-Audio-Lossless-HIFI-Music-Player-8G-DSD64-192KHz-Mini-Sport-MP3-Player/32791339720.html?ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_3_10000073_10065_10068_10000077_10000074_10000132_10000033_10000030_119_10000167_10000026_10000175_10000126_10000023_10000129_10000123_432_10000069_10000068_10060_10062_10056_10055_10000062_10054_10000063_10059_10000120_10099_10000020_10000156_10000158_10000013_10000117_10103_10102_10000016_10000114_10096_10000111_10000056_10000059_10052_10053_10050_10107_10051_10106_10000097_10000094_10000090_10000147_10000091_10000144_10084_10000150_10000101_10083_10000100_10000011_10080_10000153_10000104_10082_10000045_10081_10110_10000108_10111_10000191_10112_10113_10000197_10114_10000089_10000086_10000179_10000083_9995_10000042_10000135_10000080_10078_10079_10000039_10073_10000140_10070_10000036_10122_10123_10121_10126_10124_10000187,searchweb201603_3,afswitch_1,ppcSwitch_5,single_sort_3_default&btsid=46d8ec88-978c-4e9c-b5d6-5d67f154d452&algo_expid=b730ca7a-5b5e-43ae-bb38-42247bdc821c-0&algo_pvid=b730ca7a-5b5e-43ae-bb38-42247bdc821c
  10. golov17
    This dap very good with kc08t :sunglasses:
    nick n likes this.
  11. 1TrickPony

    From what I read, because of fit, some people did not enjoy the kc08. how is the 08t different golov17? thanks in advance/TIA
  12. golov17
    40 Ohm and other tuning of drivers
  13. jdog
    XVortex, do you feel the 780 is rockboxable? and, if so, what is the chance that you can develop a rockbox port for it?  The 780 has a great sound signature, but like nearly every other Xuelin player, the firmware needs a major overhaul...
  14. actorlife
    G17 How is it compared to the Zishan. Dsd as good? Thanks.
  15. XVortex
    jdog, 780 is based on rockchip nano d chipset which is not rockboable now.
    Unfortunately :frowning2:
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