XtremeMusic upgrade
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Jan 29, 2008
Hi, I've been using a X-FI XtremeMusic for 3 years now and think it's time to upgrade.
My current setup is: XtremeMusic -> (3.5mm to RCA) -> Little Dot MK III -> Beyer DT880 250ohm
I listen to music a lot but my priority is gaming, competitive gaming. That means that I care about positioning, footsteps and overall all those small sounds that betray where people are. I use customs EQs for games and that really makes a big difference. But still I keep gatting killed from behind in online games. I've reading about the mixamp and the Turtle Beach Ear Force DSS and I'm considering buying one of those if it will improve what I currently have. I have also heard good things about the Auzen Forte. The Asus Xonar series doesn't look as good as the Auzen for FPS games.
I leave the thread open to suggestions and/or recommendations.

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