Xonar Essense stx Random LOUD high pitched Ringing Noise?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by waverider69, May 29, 2010.
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  1. justtesting
    Thanks for confirming that the latest W10 driver doesn't solve it.
  2. bcschmerker4
    @TetraSky and @DaysLikeThis, ye ran into the same issue I did - the Vista audio stack is finicky as all get-go; ASUSTeK engineers could not consistently reproduce the problem, and C-Media engineers fixed the majority issues in CMI-8788 Driver (as used in MaxedTech® UNi XONAR Audio Software 1.83).  This still leaves the problem of the OS itself mishandling the signals, as is apparently still the case in Win 10.0.14393.693.
    On my ASUS® CM1630-06, I already sent in a Creative Laboratories® SB1550 (Creative Technology CA10300-IAT) for the XONAR® STX previously in the rig.  Creative wrote a completely new E-MU® CA10K1 driver based on experience gained with the X-Fi®, Recon3D®, and Z drivers for the Vista audio stack; I haven't encountered a 6 kHz scream problem to date on the SB1550.  The STX is, much to my delight, happier than a sheep in waist-deep grass in ubuntu® 16.04.2-LTS; the audio stack of Advanced LinUX Sound Architecture 1.0.26 is far hardware-friendlier than Vista, and the driver snd-virtuoso handles the CMI-8788 as a recording mixer, with independent gain controls and record enables for Mic/Line In, Aux In, and PCM.
  3. evvil
    A few weeks ago I changed from high gain to extra high gain in Asus Audio Center and the problem disappeared. So I thought I've kinda solved the problem until it came back today. Now I have to conjecture again and the latest change within my system(windows 10, 64 bit, creators update successfully installed) was a small security update for the adobe flashplayer which I've deinstalled already. The strange thing is, that I was not listening to music, watching a youtube video or something else. The uncomfortable feeling back in my mind was nearly gone and now it's back again.
  4. geoxile
    Is everyone using an Intel-based system? Any AMD users? I guess it could solely due to Windows being garbage but I'm wondering if the platform has any influence on it.
  5. bcschmerker4
    I ran into the problem discussed this Thread on an ASUS® CM1630-06 (Advanced Micro Devices® Athlon II® X2 220, RS760 northbridge/GPU, SB700 southbridge) packing the same firm's EAH6850DC/2DIS/1GD5 video card and XONARESSENCESTX/A audio card (plus an Antec® TruePower® New™ 750 Blue™ to feed everything), running Microsoft® Windows® 7.0.8001 (MultiProcessor Kernel 6.1.7601) on an extremely intermittent basis, but had switched audio cards to the Creative Laboratories® SB1550 prior to dist-upgrading to Windows 10 Release 1415 10.0.10576.  I was never able to trace what Service in Win 7 had contributing and/or mitigating factors for the 6 kHz scream; ASUSTeK had not been able to reproduce the problem, complicating all efforts at a fix for a problem that, as far as I am aware, extends back to Windows 6.0.6001, when the STX first hit the market.
  6. justtesting
    Also had the problem on a AM3 based platform with 790FX/SB750.
  7. wimderammelaere
    Hmm, the bug was back last week, but now it seems really seldom. I am now trying another solution.
    It seems firefox is corrupting the memory. The HPET just seems to mitigate the issue.
    It looks like the memory gets filled too much and i get a createTexture error from direct2d 1.1 backend.
    As I never seem to have an issue with google chrome, I think about 2 solutions:
    1) force firefox to use the same backend as google chrome by setting
    gfx.canvas.azure.backends and
    to skia
    or skia,cairo
    2) it mostly happens on facebook with the asynchronous refresh of the screen, so another fix could be to set the following setting to false:
    A similar bug with asynchronous refresh has already been fixed in firefox, but this one seems to be related.
    I think most of my previous fixes just lowered the probability of the memory corruption by making the PC more responsive (HPET, link state power management).
    I also use EMET to prevent some of those memory corruptions.
    The tip of checking the molex connection is although still recommended.
    You change your settings in firefox by going to about:config.
    You can check your current gpu settings on about:support.
    I think the issue is caused by a combination of asynchronous refresh and memory corruption by using direct2d 1.1 and so it might be related to following update:
    @justtesting Trillian might also have some memory bugs, so the only thing I can propose, is to use emet on all software with possible memory corruptions (like Trillian).
    List of buggy software according to me:
    -old versions of skype
    -winamp with modern skins (classic and classicpro skins are ok), wasabi backend is too buggy
    -adobe flash player
    -java applet plugin
    So always use emet on these software. Winamp will randomly shutdown as a consequence with EMET protection, if you use modern skins.
    So you could see the screeching from hell as a feature [​IMG]. It alerts you to memory corruption, which could be used by hackers. @bcschmerker4 That is why the feature doesn't work on Linux.
  8. scrahn
    Been three months since my last 6khz scream, but my luck ran out just now when starting a youtube video through reddit. I'm retiring this soundcard until there's a fix. My heart is still racing and ears still ringing.
  9. Tsuki
    Throwing my hat into this. It was happening on my Essence ST and now my Essence STX II. Happens to me extremely randomly. Usually once every 2-4 months. The most recent time, today, I was switching songs in FB2k using ASIO. I've had it happen on multiple Uni drivers, both Windows 7 and 10, and using both ASIO and non-ASIO applications. Never been able to reproduce it. Windows volume is always set at 18 and Foobar is always -37db. Xonar Audio Center is set at extra high high gain (I use a pair of HD6XX's, before it was HD600's). Link Sate Power Management has never been on.

    Some possibly useful hardware info:
    Xonar Essence STX II
    Intel i7 3770
    Gigabyte UD5H mobo
    Happened on both an XFX 750w PSU and my newer Corsair RM1000i PSU.

    I honestly think I am going to sell this card and get something external. Maybe a Schitt stack. I don't think I will be buying another ASUS audio product again. I was so sure the switch the the STX II would eliminate the issue, but I guess I was wrong.
  10. bcschmerker4
    Noted, @Tsuki. I sent my STX to a LinUX box running ubuntu® 16.04.2-LTS and it's happier than a hog in slop in ALSA 1.0.26; no feedback-like howl at all and ALSA Mixer (/usr/bin/alsamixer) can access gains, record arms, and mutes for all inputs. The STX' former place in the CM1630 now has a Creative Laboratories® SB1550 (not my first choice due to lack of shielding), which picked up little noise from the adjacent ASUS® EAH6850 DirectCU® video card; Creative supports the SB1550 in Win 10 through the just-released Version 1703 (Builds 10.0.15063.250 and up).
  11. geoxile
    Haven't had it in a while but it makes me a little anxious whenever I switch over to the Xonar. The Sound Blaster Z doesn't have this problem right? I just want virtual surround sound without going deaf.

    Edit: Is there no longer a search thread function?
    Last edited: May 7, 2017
  12. justtesting
    Never had the problem ever since replacing the DX with a bulk Z under W10.
  13. geoxile
    Bump and a question for anyone who's tried the new ASUS STRIX cards. Is the Strix Soar any good? The reviews on amazon are quite poor but it seems to have more to do with the poor drivers in win10.

    I've moved my headphones over to a modi/magni 2U stack completely but I'm still looking for an affordable source for my speakers. Though the SB Z's surround sound on optical out sounds nice too for headphones.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2017
  14. spanket
    Damn got an STX the other day and just had my first experience with the ring of death. Was wearing headphones and the volume suddenly went max and very distorted sound and high pitch squeal. I was using front headphone input but I tried the rear headphone and the noise was there too. Its constant and had to restart the PC to get rid of it =/ When it happened I was only listening to music using foobar. Am feeling uneasy now, it was late at night at bed time :frowning2:
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
  15. geoxile
    I've found turning Windows volume down all the way will reset it.

    Also, what PSU are you using? I haven't had it with my new PC and I'm wondering if it has something to do with the power supplies since xonar cards are powered by an additional power plug.
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