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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rb2013, Mar 27, 2016.
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  1. gldgate
    I have a Mutec MC-3 + USB and think it is a clear step up to my Breeze (with Talema transformer) with the Yggy. Have not heard PUC or Berkeley so can't provide any comparisons there. The galvanic isolation/reclocking appealed to me in addition to the DDC function. 
    The Breeze gave me a larger soundstage than the stock Yggy but the stock Yggy had tighter, more locked-in imaging. To my ears the Mutec gives me the best of both worlds.
    I also slightly prefer the Wyred Recovery to the Regen but overall impact of these USB doodads is pretty minimal in my system. I'm generally not a cable person but have to admit that I'm liking the  Curious cables (Regen link and full loom USB) over the combo I had before (Paul Pang link with Supra USB).
    Looking forward to ongoing F1 comparisons.
  2. hugoboss
    bad news,
    the taobao seller which i ordered f1 just told me he is run out of stock!
    he told me to wait for 2 week or 3 week for the second batch
    when i check his record already sold 11
  3. rb2013 Contributor

    Oh no!  I wanted to get a third one ordered - in case my mods failed and killed one.  I have two systems - one in my office.
    Well 2-3 weeks is not so bad.  For now.
    Once the word get out with other's feedback - I bet there will be a waiting list.
  4. rb2013 Contributor
    F-1 Review Update:
    OK at the 145 hr mark  - again not a single unlock or freeze running 24/7 now for 6 days by either the X-1 or the F-1.
    It's still improving - noticing a bit more ease and flow to the music.  Tone gaining a touch more of richness and vibrancy - which was already pretty spectacular.  Dynamics continue to open up as well.
    So it looks like these will need at least 200 hrs to reach full potential
    Added the Regen to the X-1 playing in the office system - nice improvement!  A very noticeable gain in ease and musicality.  A pickup in dynamics as well.
    It seems both the X-1 and F-1 like the Regen and Recovery powered by a linear power supply.  In the case of the Regen using the 6in crappy USB connection (provided by Uptone) between the Regen and the X-1.  The hard adapter being used between the Recovery and the iPur2 that's connected to the F-1.
    That is until the Curious 200mm USB connector arrives - which should be in a week.
  5. hugoboss
    by the way i also asked the seller about su-1
    i asked what kind of power supply inside the case?
    i bet it is talema. but he told me it is r-core transformer (he mentioned about r-core . i cant say 100 percent sure because of language barrier. i use gogle translate)
    this r-core do you think it is good as a power supply
    last i also ask f1 vs su-01 which is better? he told me su-1 is better
  6. rb2013 Contributor

    Yes!  Awesome he's using an R-core - better noise suppression.  I bet he said that  - assuming you're referring to straight PC USB power to the F-1.  Versus the better PS in the SU-1.
    I highly doubt he is aware of the heroic power supply chains I'm using to feed the F-1 and the X-1.  Just to review the current data and PS chain I'm using:
    Data chain: - Paul Pang V2 TXCO PCI to USB card/iFi iPower 5VDC>Jitterbug modded to a VBUS blocker/ground pin severed as well (complete PC ground isolation)>LH Labs 2G split USB cable (data leg only - power disconnected)>W4S Recovery fed by an external LPS (see power chain)>Uptone hard USB adapter (soon to be replaced by the 200mm Curious)>iPurifier2>F-1
    Power supply to the ext power feed on the W4S Recovery:
    Teslaplex (wall socket)>Audience aR1p (line conditioner/rebalancer)>dedicated Art Audio PB 4X4Pro (common and differential mode AC line filter and isolation)>Cerious Tech Graphene Xtreme power cord>TeraDak DC-30W R-Core linear power supply (set to 7.5V)>DC iPurifier (significant PS noise filtering)>Recovery
    So as you can see this is not your Grandfather's data and PS chains.
    Note:  The Recovery DOES NOT need a PC USB power feed as was incorrectly reported on the CA Recovery thread.  I have the RevB board and it works just fine with complete power and ground decoupling from the PC (PPA V2 Card) USB.  In fact the modded VBUS blocker JB I have helped the SQ significantly  - so some sort of ground and power isolation from the PC USB is highly recommended!
    He seems to be a smart designer - wondering about the LDO's he is using?  Likely a different board then the F-1 to accommodate AES, WCLOCK, HDMI, etc...
    Well I will have to get a SU-1 as well.
  7. hugoboss
    yeah i also want su-1 but seeing the price double f1 . also i just need the coax output, the hdmi output doesn't compactible to audiogd dac, then f1 is enough to me hahahaha
  8. rb2013 Contributor
    Me too- but I would like to compare anyway.  BTW you can make custom hdmi cable to work.  I remember on my old Gustard U12 thread someone mentioning that.  Check the Amanero thread.  Mybe someone makes a cable to adapt the different pinouts.
    It's a common problem in i2s land - no set stds.  
  9. prot

    I have the same minimax plus and in my setup it sounds pretty much like the exact opposite of yours. With a discrete opamp and nos tube it's one of the smoothest Dacs I ever heard (if not 'the') ... but I heard more detailed ones. E.g. Alex's own "moster dac" had more detail.
    Btw abartels, I still think that you should name your Dac NoCo .. as in 'no compromise' :). That power section is just amazing .. I seriously doubt that any comercial audio device on earth does more and/or better. If you manage to squeeze an rpi inside, you might have a buyer :wink:. And I only say 'might' cause I already have about 5 Dacs which arent bad at all. Otherwise, your 'monster' is an extraordinary Dac .. and highly recommemded by my old ears :wink:
  10. Maxx134
    How can he be sold out at 11 units?!
    Maybe 110?

    I been looking at enclosure for the F1:
  11. rb2013 Contributor

    That is a really nice box - do you have a link.  Might want to order one.
  12. Caper
    Yeah [​IMG]
    I am currently updating my system to W10.
    Have been taking a systembackup of my W7MCE installation.
    When I activated the W10 license I revert back to W7 again.
    Since I activated the W10 on my rig I can later do a clean install from scratch if I ever feel for it.
    I will loose the MCE functionality but seen a hack that enables MCE on W10.
    Maybe that would work for me and get better sound through W10 and still have MCE working.
  13. motberg

    I have had Melodius and Tanly modify their i2S outputs to work with Audio-GD, and had no problems.... so maybe these suppliers have developed a good understanding of what is required and you can be somewhat confident in ordering modified to suit your DAC...
    From memory, I would say most users who tried the Audio-GD i2S input option vs. the SPDIF preferred the i2S (or even the AES for that matter).
  14. hugoboss
    i dont have good solder skill , i know it can be modiifed but it need soldering the i2s board right changing the pin location.
    f1 is produced by a small company in china . maybe just a small diy company so iam sure the production is limited
  15. panhead
    Did find F1 on FLeabay:     http://www.ebay.com/itm/F-1-XMOS-USB-Digital-Interface-Module-XU208-U8-upgraded-version-/111960639568?hash=item1a115fc850:g:UI0AAOSwAvJXBdC1
    Needless to say Im happy and cant wait for it to arrive!
    Many thanks RB2013!!!!!!
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