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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rb2013, Mar 27, 2016.
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  1. mhamel
    Dangerous Music Convert-2
    I've also got a Yggy which is now up for sale.
  2. rb2013 Contributor

    Yeah - I'm pretty blown away as well.  But you have to count the $1200 worth of PS and Data chains to - this kind of performance is literally cutting edge - so it does require extreme care in power and data feeds.
    And don't forget the DAC cost as well
    But still!
    Yes it is just plug and play - AES is the proaudio version of SPDIF - it is better but by a small degree.  And you can connect i2s if you are inclined to run it that way. And may give some even better performance depending on their DAC.
    The SU-1 will like have a larger board to accommodate the surface mounted HDMI, WCLOCK, AES, etc..  what other goodies?  I haven't seen one - no one has - yet.  But for $300 it's half the price of the Tanly - so there is that - and has the new XU208.
    Look I;m not saying this will be the last stop for this train - I'm sure by years end there will be a wide variety of these devices.  What impresses me about both the F-1, X-1 and the yet to arrive Q1-S.  Is they did not skimp on the clocks - they were smart enough to design around the best.  Before the Tanly was the only Chinese DDC that had the better Crystek clocks - all the others had to be modded.  Now of course the Berkeley and the Hydra Z had these better CCHD clocks - but at what price?
    Still not sure what Empirical is using in the OR5 - I know they charge $700+ on top of the $1299 base price for the 'dual turbo clock' upgrade! 
    PS - and the modding hasn't even begun yet!  I just ordered a third f-1 for that purpose.
    PSS - The Pro3a did have the NDK SD clocks - so two Chinese had the better clocks.  One other note the LPS i'm using is 'just' a TeraDak!  Once I determine the final configuration - a Hynes LPS will probably be added.
  3. rb2013 Contributor

    Sweet!  Bet that was expensive.  Does it have a naivte USB input?
  4. mhamel
    It does - XMOS-based USB input, 2x AES/SPDIF (auto-sensing), and Optical. It wil also route one of the AES inputs back to the PC as digital in.
    Price-wise it's competitive with the Yggy - factory set "street price" is $2499.
  5. lateboomer
    Cool. I will try to order f1 by tomorrow. Is there a faster route? The ebay link? I have got few audio jewelry to help out f1 to achieve its best, there are 2 regens, one green and one amber, 2 jitterbugs, 1 Wyred4Sound Remedy, cabledyne silver usb cable and furutech usb cable. Also I have enough LPS to boot. :)
    To achieve vblocker function and connecting data line only to Regen, I can put small paper strip to cut out ground and vbus lines at usb connectors? Green and amber Regen, which one is supposed better? I read some measurement objectivists saying amber has design flaw at grounding which gives illusion of better base but I am not fully understand.
  6. Caper
    Same here.
    I guess your writings about that little board has made the producer scratch his head why it sells so good [​IMG]
  7. sealykojac
  8. rb2013 Contributor
  9. rb2013 Contributor
    From the Ebay ad on the F-1 (looks to be the same for the X-1):
    I2S signal output socket Description:
    1, MUTE is high mute; the DSD data stream DSD_ON high level;
    2. All electrical average LVCMOS, voltage of 3.3V;
    3, VD3.3 output power, low output current 50mA;
    4, MCLK clock output 22.5792Mhz or 24.576Mhz;
    5, FS0, FS1, FS2 is sampling rate indicator level, but FS3 not;
  10. lateboomer
    I can't find any info about Q1-S accept the first page of thread. Is F-1 the highest spec, 2nd is X-1 and last is Q1-S? 
  11. hugoboss
    if looking from the price the ranking is here
    1. f-1 (999 yuan) 4 layer board with crystek clock
    2. x-1 (369 yuan) 4 layer board with ndk clock
    3. q-1s (239 yuan) 2 layer board with ndk clock
    the su-1 is 1999 yuan
    today teh seller update something in his shop about f1
    Buy F-1 is currently more people, tight inventories;
    Usually after payment, 3-5 days before delivery, we will be in accordance with the payment has shipped;
    The inconvenience caused to you, please forgive me
    its gogle translate
    hahahaha he said to forgive him as many people buying but the stock is limited 
  12. rb2013 Contributor
    Got this message from the F-1 Ebay seller:
    Wonder why? [​IMG]
  13. hugoboss
    why why?
    because of you bro hahahahaha
    when you said this is the best experience in your audio years of hearing!
    also i can said this is the first ddc that use x-mos 200. the pioneer is from china!
  14. rb2013 Contributor
    Yes hugoboss has it correct.
    The thing I like about the Q1-S is the Murata SPDIF transformer - about the best there is.
    Like I said as the word spreads...these will be in short supply.
    Wait until we get a few of these in other's hands - assuming they like it as much as me - and then the CA folks get wind.
    Should be interesting.
  15. rb2013 Contributor

    Yea - isn't that amazing - from China of all places.
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