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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rb2013, Mar 27, 2016.
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  1. Caper
    My order through freeshoppingchina is pending, got this answer about the delay:

    Thank you for purchasing with us.

    After confirming with the purchaser assigned on your order, this item is still pending the seller now. This is not an out of the box item, and the seller needs some days to get it prepared. So we are still waiting for the seller to ship out.

    So it seems I have to wait longer than expected before it arrives.
  2. Caper
    *double post*
  3. hugoboss

    same like me mine got pending for 2 or 3 week
    just like i said this is small diy company from china that usually not prepare for a BOOM order suddenly
    the seller must surprised to see suddenly so many people buying f1
  4. Maxx134
    There are many nice units on fleabay,
    and not sure if this one will fit perfectly until I get exact measurements
    From total length of the unit from tips of connectors..

    Anyways here is a link:

  5. mhamel
    I just ordered one as well. I'm actually looking for AES, but my DAC will detect/lock to a 75ohm SPDIF signal on the AES input, so I may not need to wait for the SU-1.
  6. rb2013 Contributor
    Nice find!  Free shipping to - that saves money.
    My second order is pending too.
    Same happened to Breeze.  And DIYinHK sold out the Pro3a.
    The critical dimension is the 3 9/16" (91mm) approx as there are connectors on both ends.
    Well that would be an interesting experiment - in terms of SQ.
  7. rb2013 Contributor
    Review Update F-1:
    Well at the 175hrs mark and the F-1 is leveling out in terms of changes.  Just a very tiny bit better last night.  No unlocks or freezes this morning on the F-1, it's been almost a week of 24/7 non-stop playing without a hitch.  The X-1 did have an unlock last night - so I had to close and reopen Foobar this morning.  The F-1 is running on a WIN10 machine the X-1 on a WIN7.  Up until last night the X-1 ran perfectly for 24/7 for days.  It could also be the addition of the Regen to the X-1 chain.  Anyway not a big deal - but I wanted to report that.
    Otherwise just glorious sound - again digging way deep in my recordings archive - Some Leon Russell, Leo Kotke, Dave Mathews.  Oh Dave!  Haven't heard 'Some Devil' in a long time - never sounded this good!  Great fun listening to old favorites with a fresh presentation - small new details revealed.  The Leon Russell albums never particularly well recorded - just as smooth as can be, realism, like he was there with his piano in my listening room. 
  8. mhamel
    Yes, I'm interested to see how it will affect it, if at all. 
    I've also got a custom cable coming, Mogami W2964 with Neutrik NC3MXX-B XLR and NF2CB/2 connectors.
  9. rb2013 Contributor

    Looking at this box a little closer in might be about a 1/4" long - but worst case you could leave one side plate off, or drill it large enough so the head of a USB cable/adapter could fit in.
    Sorry I remeasured the F-1 board with a better ruler and it's 99cmx49cmx25cm
    I will order one. Wonder if it comes with any mounting hardware.
    These little guys work great - they're 8cm long.
  10. Maxx134
    Those enclosures are supposed to be able to slide the board in without mounting hardware

    Will see though
  11. rb2013 Contributor

    I remeasured just the board and it's 99cm x 49cm - I had a large crappy ruler before and since it was already mounted in my make shift case - no room to get the ruler inside,  So I had to eyeball it.  I found a better small metric ruler.
    Those measurements are for the board only not the connectors that stickout
  12. rb2013 Contributor
    Box Dimensions(Outer): 100mm(3.94")(L)* 69mm(2.72")(W)*24mm(0.94")
    So it may be the perfect length - but looks like it's too wide to just slide in.
  13. rb2013 Contributor

    Which DAC?
    My FreeShoppingChina.com status just went to 'on the way'  so I guess at least these will be sent out soon.
  14. lateboomer
    Is su-1 using same board as f1? Because I see su-1 has AES output which f1 doesn't have one. If I buy f1 which is cheaper but want to add AES output, how should I do it? From the img attached, it seems f1 is pretty straight forward to use, just connect pc usb to the usb input, and coaxial output from the board to dac, that is it, am I right? I am drooling on this f1 because it is very hard to wrap around the idea that this simple board setup can beat 30k analog rig, which sounds as good as getting "Nobel price" for audio.
    Even my digital rig which consists of clean powered Intel NUC as renderer with fiber optic connection, still loses out little bit to a 20k Synthesis Roma cd player. But here this f1 can make you forgetting about 30k analog rig. That is unbelievable.
  15. rb2013 Contributor
    I just noticed that box is not a split design - it would make drilling holes and screwing in the risers almost impossible.  So I canceled and ordered one each of these - both split boxes:
    Dimensions(Outer): 100mm (3.94") (L)* 71mm (2.80") (W)* 25mm (0.98")
    And this one a little longer:
    Dimensions(Outer): 25mm(0.98")(H)x62mm(2.44")(W)x110mm(4.33")(L)
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