Xmas recommendation needed on Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones!!
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Sep 14, 2016
I'm looking for a comfortable over the ear set of cans as a gift. I narrowed it down to the Sony MDR-100abn. I've been seeing them around $230+ on eBay  but seeing if there's anything comparable that's cheaper. So due to price I've ruled out the Sennheiser Momentum. I really HATE the boring conservative frequent flier executive looks of all Bose headphones. I also hate anything by Beats or any cans with overly exaggerated bass. Sound quality is of primary concern followed by comfort. Secondary is style, Bluetooth reliability and noise cancelling which should be good (though not expecting Bose quality noise cancelling since that's what they're famous for). For my requirements and ideal price point (under $200), is there anything better or comparable to the $250 Sony MDR-100abn? Thanks!

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