XM Online is giving me the BLUES
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Oct 9, 2003
I have been using XM online for a couple of weeks. Works great at the office on my new PC. Works on my Apple PB12 too, but only on Safari, not on Internet Explorer. And then only if I do not change the channel more than a couple of times. If I find a station I like and leave it there, it rocks via Airfoil and AEx. But if I ( more likely my wife ) change the channel a few times, Safari locks up pinwheel-style and I have to force quit.

And internet explorer won't play it at all!

BTW, Airfoil is great if you have not tried it. Everything online goes to the big rig with Airfoil and Airport Express. A powerful solution. But this XM glitch is driving me crazy. And their tech support is clueless. Even more than me.

Anybody else have this issue?

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