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Xiaomi Pistons 3.0 Impressions Thread

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  1. happyfilmmaker
    Any ideas if these are real?
  2. Redcarmoose

    That's a fully trusted web site here. I would bet 100% of their stuff is real. But........that Basic Edition is not a Piston 3 at all. Your looking at a completely different IEM than what is talked about in this thread.
  3. g0bl0k
    Been using my Piston 3 for quite some time now and loving it. This morning the right one just died and no sound coming out of it at all. I'm so bumped out especially when knowing that it is not in production anymore. Guess I have to hunt for a different one. Anybody have any recommendations which one has the same quality performance to the Piston 3? The Tennmak Pianos or Pro seem to be on a higher price range ($30 for Pro, $46 for Piano). 
  4. happyfilmmaker
    Oh dear, good to know!
  5. toddy0191

    Pros are not that much with one cable:


    Massive upgrade from the piston 3s IMO and well worth the extra dosh
  6. g0bl0k
    ^^^ Thanks for the info, might as well get both for back-up. Learned my lesson for not having back-up pair for Piston 3.
    The Pro looks like my SE215SE (blue) from it's design/shape, seems to be comfortable. But the Piano doesn't look comfortable from its design, please correct me if I'm wrong. Any thoughts for comparison to Shure SE215SE (blue)?
  7. mookid_
    I was lookin for some Piston 3's but these seem like a much better deal, thanks for the recommendation!
  8. grant2
    The start edition durability is awful.   They break as fast as any $0.99 counterfeit headset.
    The problem is always where the cable meets the plug.  After just a few weeks of use the wire inside is broken and the sound cuts out on one or both of the speakers.
  9. Badelhas
    Anyone knows how do the Piston 3.0 compare with the Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore?
  10. Redcarmoose

    Interesting, with the original Piston 3 being strong. I would even feel fine paying for a used pair of Piston 3s where most of the time I would never get a used low cost IEM.

    Just purchased the Remax S1 Pro IEM yesterday. The Pro is 1/3 less than the standard S1. In the USA you can find the Remax S1 Pro for as little as $8.

    Great sound if you like heavy detailed bass. The cable is cheaper than the original S1 and they removed the aluminum side plate and replaced it with plastic. Way different tips and box too. But for many they are going to get the classic S1 sound for 1/3 less, which is great!
  11. dale147
    Has anyone heard of the xiaomi piston 3 pro? it was recently unveiled and it's selling here in the philippines for approximately 30 dollars or more. Since my pistons 3's died with no sound coming from the left earbud, I'm looking for a replacement hahah. I'm picking betweej this piston 3 pro , zst pro and the tennmak pro.
  12. Redcarmoose

    At $22 they look great! A new era has started!
  13. scatteredshadows
    Is there any consensus about whether fakes are as common with the Piston 3 'Colorful' as the original Piston 3? I'm able to get the original model and the 'Colorful' versions on a local marketplace site here in Brazil, but I'd like to increase my odds of not having the hassle of getting and then trying to return fakes. I'd prefer plain black, but I prefer a genuine product more!
    Also, ljokerl's review judges the build quality to be solid (considering the pricepoint). Does anyone have any experience using these while exercising? Do they hold up? I don't expect them to last forever, but a year or more of service would be good.
  14. zyzyx

    I've broken the plugs on a couple of pairs while using them in the gym. Probably my fault but the metal did seem fairly fragile in comparison to the other IEMs I use in the gym.
  15. Redcarmoose

    I was looking at the Piston 3 Colorful yesterday. I'm just so scared of fakes, as I just purchased my first Piston 3 fake this week. I have spent enough time with learning about fakes that it should not have happened. It's just that the fakes are getting really good. Perfect looking control wands, and all the small microscopic burnished lines in the aluminum, just like the real ones.

    Still the leaning comes from the sound. If you have originals and know the sound of the originals then there is simply no comparison in sound. Also the fakes are light weight and don't have exactly the same build.

    Still confusion was started by the company in a way. There are so many sub models that it's hard to keep track of everything.
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