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Xiaomi Piston 3 (2015)

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  1. AlecR
    If you want the earphones quickly, the cost is £37.50 from Penon Audio. That includes 3-5 day DHL shipping from Hong Kong.
  2. BigGearHunter
    Guys, anybody have a link to a legit Ebay seller for these beauties? I tried Penon's store there, but he hasn't yet listed them :frowning2:
  3. clee290

    I found this one:
  4. Shawn71
    penonaudio has them listed......
  5. analogsurviver
    It happens the conductor of "my " choir is presently in Hong Kong. Any physical store where these are already available ?
  6. BigGearHunter

    I specifically said on Ebay...
  7. ikarus7
    Just ordered mine from the official site :) can't wait to give these guys a try
  8. AlecR
    Has anybody received these yet?
  9. thatBeatsguy
  10. ikarus7
    Just received my pair of 3.0s today! Trying them out right now actually.... I'm currently going by comparisons with the 2.0 so here's just a few initial impressions:
    1. Comfort-wise (based on stock tips) the 3.0s feel a bit than the 2.0s. Although, the stock tips on these feel slightly more flimsy than the 2.0s.
    2. The smoother back design of the 3.0 is much welcomed - didn't feel too comfortable with the sharp edged back of the 2.0s
    3. Purely subjective aesthetic, I do prefer the black over gold - less gaudy and more sensible
    Impressions so far is 3.0s have better pronounced mids (welcomed improvement over the V-shaped 2.0s). I could almost say the 2.0 is the bass-heads version of the pistons now. I'm currently using the RE400 bi-flange tips to test, but soundstage is about the same which was expected. Personally very happy with these so far and I dare say that the 3.0s may dethrone the 2.0 but will need a bit more time to determine my own opinion of this.
    The 3-button control didn't work on my Moto G phone but not a big deal for me given seldom use of those functions. ....and no, my 3.0s did not smell like chocolate, licorice or any other scent [​IMG]
    aso84 and DJScope like this.
  11. thatBeatsguy
    ^ This is a very good sign. Now, I really want to buy one.
  12. Tom22

    nice scent free =) not a fan of licorice, never owned the 2s but i would be interested to smell what kind of chocolate they are like =o
  13. DJScope
    A neutral Piston? Interesting!
  14. ikarus7
    I wouldn't say they're totally neutral, but they're definitely sound more well rounded. For example, with stock tips on the 2.0s, I found the bass (i.e. kicks) actually a bit uncomfortable. That's not even inclusive of stock tips not sealing as well, hence I started using the bi-flange tips which helped heaps. With the 3.0s, I found it quite acceptable even with stock tips.
    Tried listening to a single electronica, pop and jazz track four times over (2.0 stock/bi-flange, 3.0 stock/bi-flange) to compare and so far I feel like the difference is evident.
    Oh, one other thing to note, my 2.0s are unmodded so I can't say how they might fair otherwise compared to the 3.0s.
  15. AlecR
    Which generation Moto G? Did the Piston 2 volume control work with it?
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