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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. duo8

    Reminder that they had beryllium diaphragm before, on the 2.0
  2. Hotwire
    Well you can't deny there's an anomaly if it only occurs on one earphone, and not the other. But one way or another, there's either a defect or a design flaw. Haven't got the time and care to dremel the earphone, but my educated guess is that the electrical components in the left earphone started to touch the metal housing. You don't have to be an engineer to acknowledge that such an occurrence could've been prevented by either implementing proper isolation, or by eschewing a metal housing that basically becomes a conductor.
  3. ratboi
    sheesh. okay, i'll try again. your ground wire is probably partially broken on the left side. broken. not defect. not design flaw. you paid $30 for them or so - what do you expect? so, nowhere for the static electricity to go. causes scratchy noise on the right side. plastic shell will let 15,000 volts jump to your ear, metal makes no difference. Voltages INSIDE the earphone, by design, don't exceed maybe 2 volts, then only at max volume. unless you somehow plug into a wall outlet. then it will all melt, including the wires. otherwise, you'll NEVER feel 2 volts. m'kay?
  4. duo8

    This happened to me with every single earphone I've had with a metal housing, the only exception being the RE-400. However it only happens when I plug it in electronics that is connected to mains power (it's not as bad if my body isn't grounded, however).
    It starts off slightly itchy on my left ear, eventually it hurts enough I had to yank it out of my ear.
    Though not the same problem, I thought it's worth mentioning.
  5. Kyrts
    If symptom appears when connected to portable device is very different case compared to symptom appearing when connected to mains connected device.

    The latter can be caused by broken at some point or faulty or nonexistent mains grounding path of device and is more common than one would expect.
  6. ouphe
    Hi there, new subscriber here although I've been lurking for a few years. I have a question for you guys regarding the Xiaomi In-ear Hybrid Earphones Pro.
    The first set I bought from Gearbest was defective, the left speaker was much louder than the right speaker
    This was replaced by another set but now the right side seems to be failing again, the volume is much lower. When I wiggle the cable a bit everything is fine again (as opposed to the first set).
    I did not mistreat these things and generally my in ears work fine for years (until I lose them), has this happened to other people? I'm interested in this because two defective headphones within 2 months is too much hassle and I might need to buy another brand/model. If not, I'll RMA them again. 
  7. cpaixao
    Does anyone has any recommendation on alternative tips for this version? Etymotic triple flange, maybe?
  8. vexa
    Guys, I have Mi piston 2.1 (2014 iF award edition) and it still running strong after 1000++ hrs of usage. One thing that really bothers me is my ears getting itchy after using it for around 1 hr or so. I thought it's the tips, so I different pairs of foam and silicone tips, but the itching is still there. I have some other IEMs and earbuds, with plastic and metal housings, and I never feel the itch with other pairs. I've clean my piston 2 like plenty of time, way more than I clean my other pairs, with water, dishwasher, alcohol, even H202, but still.

    I think I'm allergic to the metal housing material of piston 2. My question is, does this hybrid still using the same material?
  9. thatBeatsguy
    From my experience I don't think you're "allergic" to the 2.1's metal per se; rather, the 2.1's laser-cut disc pattern may be the one scratching your ear. The Piston Hybrid uses a smooth metal for the exterior part of the housing, and plastic for the nozzle area that makes th emost contact with your ear.

    Hope this helps.
  10. George-gearbest

    Hi, you got 2 problem items?

    I never get such a thing before, we have strict tests to products when they are into our worldwide warehouses.

    Show me your order numbers, please.

    If you are kind to help us, please send wrong items for our specific analysis, I will make compensation for your shipping costs.

    Best Regards,

  11. vexa
    If the laser cut itself is the culprit, then more people should've reported similar symptom. But IDK, haven't use another 2.1 my whole life, maybe it's just my unit, or my earlobes are just hyper-sensitive (or it's just me tryna feel special among others, lol).
    Now knowing the hybrid is using plastic for the nozzle area then I'd really consider to get one because most people say it's a great upgrade path from piston 2 (or 2.1).

    Oh, another question, I love old school hip-hop (ATCQ, Slum Village, Mos Def, Kwelli, Common, Outkast, The Roots, etc) and classic 70's reggae / dub (The Wailers, Gregory Isaacs, Dawn Penn, Desmond Dekker, etc).
    Which one should I get, the original hybrid or the pro version? I wish to get something like my piston 2.1 with better highs without being too sharp or sibilant.
  12. thatBeatsguy
    From my experience, the 2/2.1's laser cut also scratches my ear occasionally, but I found the itching to be negligible.

    I haven't personally heard the Pro version (yet; i've been out of a loop for a while) so I can't say much about it, but compared to the 2.1 the Hybrid's (the regular one) treble is much more rolled-off, bass is a bit leaner and mids are still recessed. I found the Hybrid to sound very off-putting and incoherent taking everything into account -- whole less than the sum of its parts or something. I doubt you'd want the Hybrids if you want better highs, although if you're (very) sensitive to treble I can see the benefits.

    (There's also the more balanced Piston 3, but I won't go into detail here.)

    Hope this helps.
  13. rahulharidasz
    I just got my xiaomi hybrid earphones a week before. The first hybrid i mean. So far it is not good at all. And yes it is an original one i checked using QR code and all packaging looking legitimate.
    The bass is just okay. Not much sub bass. The treble.. oh boy.. thats the problem. It is hissing like a serpent. It killing my ears. Is there anyway to make it better? I've completed like 36 hours of burn-in.
    Any advice bro?
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
  14. Fat Larry
    You must be a fan boi.. i am as well but i am also getting electrical current passed PAINFULLY to my right ear from my Piston HD Pros when they're plugged into my laptop.

    A few things regarding your post:

    1. The piston HD pro cable is rubber/plastic. In my case the pain is contstant, its not a one off shock. Rather the discomfort builds quickly to a point where i can't use the right bud and is constantly there everytime i pud the right bud in when connected my laptop. Only been happening for a week or so. IT IS NOTHING TO DO WITH STATIC build up and i love how you reached that conclusion via someone elses experience. I will grant you that it could be the grounding, how ever it happens with the laptop connected to the mains. I don't know if the sound card chip has an issue grounding to the mainboard but i will need to look into this. Having said that i get no hum or shock from another set of IEMS when using them with the laptop.

    2. I didn't find your results, did you include static in the search??: A quick seach of Xaiomi+Piston+Electric shock turned up half a dozen results. I found a couple of threads here and then there's this https://forums.redflagdeals.com/terrible-experience-xiomi-piston-headphones-1643453/ which tbh sounds dangerous..

    I am annoyed as the pistons are my go to beater iem at the moment.
  15. assassinloki
    Hey everyone. Has anyone tried Re-cabling the Hybrid Pro HD yet? Would love to see a guide.
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