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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. leasedeb
    Could Anyone that own both brainwavz delta and mi hybrid compare them in sound quality ? Thank you
    Edit on mi.com chinese product page , apparently they have a app to speed up burn in
    Tested: its just a sine wave pink noise sound player
    edit again: anywhere has the best price/shipping speed ratio to buy these?
  2. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Just received my Xiaomi Dual drivers. OTB they are Pleasant, Warm a little bit bassy, might be a tad bloated but usually they settle in. I like the Darker voicing. I only listened to them long enough to roll 4-5 pairs of tips, so far the Large Stock wide Bores sound best.
    Sent them to Burn In. Will let you know how they are cooking in about 50 Hours or so. So Far I like what I heard initially. Axis Placement (Turning towards front or rear of Head using the ear canal as Axis) seems to be critical on sound. The Zircons have the same Placement issue, they have to be JUST RIGHT to sound their best.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
    Assuming these have the same ear tips as the Piston 3.0? I hated the stock tips and the memory foam tips I bought fall off easily.
  4. noobandroid
    the tips are different
  5. thatBeatsguy
    Actually, no, the tips I have are identical to that of the 3.0.
  6. junz415
    I am going to get 3 pairs from China since my friend is visiting China now, hope this can work on my iphone. 
  7. Ivabign
    $20 for a hybrid that sounds better than a Skullcandy? Christmas gifts for the family! 
  8. archdevil
    Got these in the mail 3 days ago. Maybe I'm expecting too much but I'm not digging them. Bass is bloated and not punchy. Mids are missing, vocals are usually buried in the mix. Weak highs. Sound stage is very small, almost non existent. Noise isolation is pretty good though.
    I can see them as an upgrade from typical smartphone earbuds, but not much else. The good news is they're still better than the Piston 3. 
  9. musicphotolife
    Just received my set and indeed, first impression I get is stronger bass response and dark sounding, but I thought they offer adequate details for my enjoyment. They fit really comfortably perhaps due to the angled earbuds. For listeners who love clarity, this is not for you, but if you apply EQ (tame the bass and boost the treble), you will get the sound balance you love.
  10. adamjames37
    It looks like Banggood is selling another 20pcs of the Xiaomi Hybrid IEM's for $10.99 US shipped. I was able to snag a pair the last time they had this deal but I had to be REALLY quick. If you log into your PayPal account ahead of time you will have a better chance. Good luck!
  11. Ulti
    Received two pairs but unfortunately I don't really like them OOTB. Sounds dark with weak mids and highs. Have to do some real A/Bing though as I'm not an audiophile so it could be that I'm too used to my KC06A and IM02 lately. 
  12. HombreCangrejo
    I think you're right. That's exactly the same I hear: not strong bass, simply dark, too dark. KZ  ED10 are way better, and VSD3S or Carbo Tenore are simply playing a different match.
  13. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG]Guys, apparently you are basing your opinions on OOTB first impression. Which co-incidentally I agree with. They WERE quite Dark.
    I have them in My ears Right now as I am Typing this with 68 Hours Burn in. They are ANYTHING But Dark Now. The Bass has subsided, Tightened up, and if anything these are now bordering on BRIGHT. It appears MY PAIR (at least) have had a complete Transformation of EQ.
    I am mystified, I need to listen and assess this more, maybe roll some tips. These don't match my first impression at all.... As a matter of fact unless I can do something with this Treble increase these aren't going to work for me at all. SHARP TREBLE.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  14. BigGearHunter
    These finally arrived in the mail after waiting for weeks. I was excited since I was a fan of 2.1 and 3. In short, these are the best earphones I've ever had. Nothing comes close to them, not even the legendary KZ micro ring which I happen to own or anything else that KZ has produced for that matter. Xiaomi has done it yet again! 
  15. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] As You Can see these were my Initial impressions ABOVE, which pretty much Mirror Yours. NOW I find they have Big treble. This only goes to further my "theory" regarding the need for Burn-in on MOST (not all) earphones, headphones and speakers. AFTER 68 hours, (give or take) of Burn in, The EQ has Drastically changed. I still had on the Stock Wide Bores. THIS is precisely why I burn in for a long period and only listen at 50 or longer hour intervals. It's so I can verify if the sonic changes are actual and not some type of sonic memory or "Brain Burn in". JMHO
    So I just rolled tips. I now find my second Choice, (Auvio Large), that I had initially tried and rejected, NOW greatly reduce the treble and bring back the fullness of the Bass without being Boomy or Bloated.
    The only difference being Tips. MAKE No mistake there is definitely an EQ change, as on first listen, the Stock Tips were absolutely the best sounding.
    Now, The Auvios make these shine. The Mids have come Forward, the Treble is quite apparent and the Bass has Gelled. There is now even a fair amount of definition and soundstage
    They aren't an Audiophile EQ but they are a nice sounding Pair of earphones in their present State.
    I'm returning them to "Settle in" until the 200 Hour mark and then we shall smell what "the Rock is cookin'....."
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
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