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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by afrikane, Aug 2, 2006.
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  1. Afrikane Contributor
    I had the pleasure of dealing with Xenithon when I bought a Total Bithead'06 from him. Packaging, speed of delivery and communication was tip top. I wouldn't hesitate to do business him again.
  2. devin_mm Contributor
    Great dealing with Xenithon, fast responses to questions. The packaging was great and shipping was as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.
  3. kalleo
    Xenithon sold me a HeadRoom Total BitHead. He was straightforward and reasonable in negotiation, and he was prompt in his communications. And the delivery went as he said.

    So yeah, he's not a fat, swarthy Cuban scammer eager to rip you off.
  4. purk Contributor
    Great headfier. I sold him an Equinox upgraded cable for the HD-650 and couldn't ask for a better buyer. Highly recommended.
  5. Afrikane Contributor
    This is the second occasion I have had the pleasure of dealing with Xenithon. This time he was buying and was very prompt with payment and communication could not have been easier. Highly recommended.
  6. metalgear
    a very communicative seller - shipped item with lots of care and meticulous packaging, and also threw in a freebie for good measure. asset to this forum !
  7. nabwong
    xenithon bought my gede and the transaction was smooth. He is honest and communication is quick. Highly recommended! Thanks!
  8. smartins
    Xenithon purchased a pair or ICs from me. He was great to communicate with, very fast in payment and easy to deal with. Thanks!
  9. agile_one Contributor
    Just shipped off some headphones to xenithon. What a great person to deal with! Prompt and friendly communications and negotiations, and fast payment when deal was made. I would not hesitate to deal again, and recommend him highly as a trading partner.

    Thanks, Carmel, and enjoy the headphones.
  10. lionel marechal
    I sold a canon 17-40L lens to Carmel (Xenithon) and the transaction was very smooth and effortless.

    I was concerned a little bit first because he is in South Africa, but Carmel is a very nice guy, answered my concerned, paid completly the lens right away (trusting me) even if he could have done something like 2/3 before and 1/3 receiving the lens or something like that.

    Shipping was as well very easy, and way faster and cheaper than I was expecting without knowing. He gave me all the instructions for the shipping destination, including the phone number that has to be put (in case of) on the USPS global EMS form.

    I would definitely not hesitate to do business again with him, and you should not let the fact that it at the opposite of the globe prevent you to deal with him.

    ++ transaction
  11. spraggih
    I was not so concerned that he was in South Africa (I am from the States)... (actually I was -- then)... I read all of his positive feedback :wink: He truly deserves the positive feedback.

    I bought a pair of rare headphones from Carmel. Where do I start?
    • He contacted me because he saw my WTB ad and was courteous, patience and altogether friendly.
    • He upgraded the shipping service to ensure I would receive the package quickly and it was insured.
    • He explained how package tracking would work so I was at ease.
    • He followed up throughout the deal
    • He answered any and all questions I had
    Great deal - but a better guy. Thanks Carmel!
  12. Zorander Contributor
    I sold Carmel a Gilmore Lite LE via his brother who happens to be local to me. Carmel is an absolute gentleman to communicate with and the transaction has been smooth too. I'm looking forward to our next transaction, whether as a seller or as a buyer.

    Enjoy the amp! Enjoy the music!
  13. musicmind
    I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Xenithon for the purchase of my first "high end" headphones. The headphones were in pristine condition and packaged with care in their original form.
    All throughout our forum communication, he was extremely friendly, patient and generous with his time and his audio knowledge in answering my questions. A true "audiophile-anthropist" who showed interest in helping me on my way to discovering the world of high quality audio.
    Its not often I get to meet people who are so genuinely friendly, helpful and generous.
    I would wholeheartedly recommend Xenithon to fellow head-fiers and would gladly do business with him again.

    Many thanks Xenithon. [​IMG]
  14. smartins
    Xenithon sold me a Equinox cable for the HD650. He quickly responded to all of my questions and promptly shipped the product. It was a pleasure to deal with and would recommend him without reservations.
  15. lisnalee
    I bought a Gilmore Lite Limited Edition with DPS (#9) from Xenithon. Communication was excellent at all times and delivery was on a saturday morning as promised, he even phoned on the friday before to say it had been posted. The Amp & DPS was well packaged and arrived in excellent condition.

    Outstanding service all round and I would not hesitate to do business with him again.

    Thanks Carmel!!
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