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Xduuo XQ-10 good or not ?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by nihavendlonga, May 19, 2016.
  1. NihavendLonga
    I just saw this small amp on aliexpress
    And I just wanted to have some opinions from you guys out there who owns this amp ,is it good, is it worth the money?

  2. fredhubbard2

    I have one attached to a clip+ , ill be honest I've not listened to the combination for awhile. Think it gave the clip some sparkle. If I'm not mistaken its the same thing inside an xDuoo x2 which is my fave sounding dap atm.
  3. NihavendLonga
    Oh, so you say I can trust it.
    (I will use it with a iPod touch connected to the amp with a lod)
  4. fredhubbard2

    i have rediscovered the XQ-10 since posting. it s now attached to my Benjie S5, a unit I was going to chuck in the emergency spares box. it seems to have improved the sound no end.
  5. NihavendLonga
  6. Caipirina
    Having seen the XQ10 just now on Massdrop, I got interested again, I always feared it was 'big' compared to the X2 / X3 players, but I checked some pics, and they seem to go well together (want it for the X3) .. but since I also have a Benjie S5 in the shipping pipeline (AND a C1), after reading Fred's comments, I am now even more than wiling to give it a try. 
  7. NihavendLonga
    Ah ok, can you inform me when they arrive I am really curious about it's performance.
  8. Podster

    I had been curious about the XQ-10 myself so I finally grabbed one for my FiiO M3 and it does sound very nice with the M3, first tried it with a pair of KZ HDS1 and it was just meh! Then I tried it with the A&D D2's and it was much livelier sounding but it was the Trinity Delta V2's that really shine on this setup. It's not a power house but for $26 it is one clean little amp and build for this price is exceptional[​IMG]

    Who knew you ic could be a built in stand as well[​IMG]
  9. NeenerPhones
    I'm looking for something cheap to drive my Monk Plus whenever Massdrop sends those my way. I'm a bit of a newbie and my understanding of cheaper amplifiers is that they can sometimes shine. I have an SMSL SD793-ll which I have grown very fond of using the DAC. I've been running my cans from the RCA outs on the back. The amp isn't on par with it's DAC, it dries up the low end and makes highs a bit raspy. I hope that is not the case with this amplifier. This little thing seems a bit too good to be true... It's either this, SMSL M2, Topping NX2, basically anything clean, flat, slim and has a decent battery considering form factor and performance. Nothing high powered, just something to drive earbuds and headphones up to about 80 ohms.
  10. NihavendLonga
    You can try the cmoybb from jdslabs for a cheap and a reliable amp if you have the budget.
  11. NeenerPhones
    It's kind of.... Up there. I'm not looking for anything superb. I'm just looking for something that's... Okay. I'm looking for $50 and under. 
  12. Raketen

    If you have more time than money you can buy the kit and put it together yoruself maybe. the JDS kit is 42, but there are other CMOY for less. https://tangentsoft.net/audio/cmoy/
  13. fatct
    Does it sound somewhat similar to the Xduoo X1 ? I'm thinking of pairing it with my axon elite
  14. LaughMoreDaily
    I'm thinking about using this XQ-10 with my Benjie S5 after it comes in the mail. I have a Sansa Clip right now that still motors on, but am always looking for something better but still affordable.
  15. actorlife
    Bump anymore insight on this amp? Good Bass clean treble but not sibilant?

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