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XDuoo XD-05 Portable Dac/Amp Introduction - Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by h20fidelity, Dec 3, 2015.
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  1. Inszy
    You know that Windows have something like a volume control, right?[​IMG]
  2. RedTwilight

    The channel imbalance is due to the tiny movement at the start of the analog volume knob. All analog knobs have imbalance near the start and end of travel due to their construction. They're potentiometers after all. Try decreasing windows volume as Inszy suggested and see if the channel imbalance persists.

    Have you tried them on the lowest gain setting?
  3. Aradea
    Is it really that bad?
  4. Inszy
    No, it isn't.
  5. ndburley
    Not at all I do not understand why? I use mine every day mainly on my pc. I have my pc volume set to 80, using it and not a problem at all. It has 3 gain settings maybe they are on max? I have used it as an amp and its working perfectly. 
  6. haens
    I didnt buy it to use in windows so dealing with this issue is not on my priority list, thats why I didnt try to find a way around it. and I have no such issue with audio-gd 15.32 or dx90 in DAC mode or my another external sound card. 
    also do you have xd-05 that you can claim its not that bad?
    as for the gain setting - yes, it was the lowest gain setting. and it has also occured to me that this imbalance might disappear with turning the volume knob further. problem is it gets so loud that I cant go there.
  7. ndburley
    Yes I have had it for a while now and like I said I have been using it most days with no issue as an amp and DAC. More than likely it that was not aimed at me but I would say its not that bad. 
  8. haens
    it was not meant at you but at Inszy because I have not seen him posting any user impressions so far.
    here are some pics of the sensitivity of the volume knob with my heir 8:
    "zero" volume after the starting hump
    bit loud but listenable:
    very loud, feels unpleasant after short while:
    you probably wont notice any difference between 2nd and 3rd pic. any more than the third pic and its very unpleasant. also I can hear (only faintly but its clearly there) song playing even when in 0 volume (but only in Coax mode, not when using Android phone).
  9. ndburley
    I have optical, USB and Aux options from the 3 switch movements on the front. Aux when using it as an amp from the Aux in/out and obviously USB when on my pc. I dont have an optical connection to test I am afraid.  So it does this on Aux too? Can I see a pic of the back? 
  10. Inszy
    Then you must watching more carefully, because it was first impression in this thread:
    And here you have little more from me (but in polish):
  11. haens
    the difference with Aux Input is that headphone volume output depends also on the volume input from Aux source. when using LO from dx90 and volume 150 the volume knob on the xd-05 works fine - it allows me to go way beyond 12 o`clock and the volume increase is gentle and fluent. but when turning the dx90 to 255 (max volume - and from what I read it should be used that way when using LO) the situation is basically the same as with Coax.
    with Coax/Android USB mode the volume input is irrelevant. so problem may be with communication between DAC/amp section. or maybe with the tuning of the amp/potentiometer. 
    I sent email to Xduoo with question about volume knob and volume level with those pics, maybe they will reply with something useful. 
  12. ndburley
    I really hope they can help you, I have the SD-05 to be really good myself. Fingers crossed for you :)
    I have an optical out from my SB Card so have just ordered a cable to test also. 
  13. RedTwilight
    Keep us posted! Hopefully it's something they can sort out quickly or at least give you an exchange unit.
  14. haens
    reply from Xduoo after describing my situation with volume level: "Maybe you can send it back and we will test the device see what's going on. We will send it back after repairing." well, I kinda expected that...
    I did some more tests on the loudness:
    USB DAC and headphones (Heir 8):
    I have to turn the PC system volume down to 25 % and foobar volume to 50 % (-10 dB) and then I can turn the volume knob between start and 11 o`clock position. But it gets really loud around 11 o`clock position and its unlistenable at 12 o`clock.

    USB DAC and active speakers from Aux output:
    I have to turn the PC system volume down to 20 % and foobar volume to 50 % (-10 dB) and then the volume level is a little bit loud but ok.

    USB DAC and Android phone with headphones (Heir 8):
    I have to turn the Phone volume down to 25 % and then I can turn the volume knob between start position and 12 o`clock position.
    Coax input level is fixed so its very loud from beginning of the volume knob action.
    Would be nice if someone other with real-production unit (= unit that went into shops a few days ago) appeared and posted their experience with volume level in USB / Coax mode.
    HiFiChris likes this.
  15. Licz
    Is this the portable dac/amp to buy for Senns HD650? I have xDuoo X3 player and it's good. Does XD-05 compare favourably to iBasso D14 Bushmaster?
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