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XDuoo XD-05 Portable Dac/Amp Introduction - Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by h20fidelity, Dec 3, 2015.
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  1. ndburley
    I have just been listening with my KC06A and cannot hear any hiss but thats as sensitive as I have.
  2. White Lotus
    Thanks, Diggy. Is that the S4 or the Note 3?
    Perfect - exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks mate! 
    How is the battery life for you guys? 
  3. moracajay
    Which sound quality should be better Xduoo x3 alone or xd-05 OTG with Htc one m8?

    Can you tell if your experiencing build quality issues?
  4. Diggymen
    Sorry i didnt have x3 or m8
    Didnt have any issue with build quality 
    The issue maybe, this thing is heavy and  get little heat when power up for a while arround 30min up.
    Thats S4
    I never worried to charge in a week for 2-3 hour listening a day
    But depend format you play, i feel playing dsd128 drain battery faster
  5. moracajay
    Glad to hear no issue on build.
    Can you compare sound quality from Samsung S4+XD-05 vs other DAP you have?
  6. ndburley
    I have mixed the X3 with the XD-05 and valve pre amps and what I would say is this. 
    The X3 hold its own with IEMs the sound quality is clear and not under powered. 
    The XD-50 come into play when you need some backbone in your sound so for cans or to improve your pc sound quality for example. 
    The valve is an interesting addon and warms it all a bit which gives you that feel of listening to old records to a point. 
  7. BigDawg
    Guys, have you tried using regular 3.5 to 3.5 via coaxial in? Seemed to work. No need for the plugs to be trrs.

    Sorry for the newbie question
  8. moracajay
    Do you have other amp/dac to compare sound quality wise?

    I have past experience with Xduoo x2 that two died on me. Did not return the 2nd replacement as shipping cost is same with the unit.

    But im so impressed with the sound quality wanting to buy this item from them.

    Fellows who have quality issues please chime in..
  9. venki
    New owner to XD-05.Great SQ punchy output.  Does anyone know how to use filters PCM1,2,3,4? when i press filter button on the side, display shows PCM change accordingly.
    i don't see any effect in SQ by selecting these filters I'm using MSR7.  Connection is Samsung S6 edge - XD-05 (USB) - MSR7
  10. Diggymen
    Yea you can, but it just bypass amp in xd05
    The volume knob on xd05 didnt affect anything if you use 3.5 out 
    The filter didnt work on otg mode, that what i know from manual book
    Sorry to hear that, ill update if i experience with quality issue
  11. bruterik
    Can anyone tell me how this machine will pair up with my SoundMagic HP150 and E80S?
    Is my 95dB-32Ohm HP150 too sensitive for the XD-05? I guess the 102dB-64Ohm E80S should be sufficient?
    I will be using the XD-05 mainly together with my laptop and iPhone 6S (to listen to Spotify) and it will be my first dac/amp [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance!
  12. Riisalat
    Someone needs to compare it to a IFI unit.
  13. Diggymen
    Yes someone did
    Hope help to figure out
  14. Jabba
    Recieved the xd-05 after shipping delay.
    My early impressions of this dac-amp
    Otg from lg g5 is plug and play.
    Bold and punchy sound with my Focal Classic. Very Nice sounding.
    Some tracks I use the bass boost, perfect for 80's music or to give a extra rock out factor.
    With he-560, it drives them, but can't rival my Gustard home amp. Not even close, but this was expected.
    Also tried with my Woodie Langsdom, very nice sounding,
    Will try with different op amps, just enjoying running it in first.

    So far I'm very satisfied with this amp, for the price and what it can do it's a steel
  15. WilliamLeonhart
    Anyone with experience can compare this xduoo with the o2/odac for me? I like that it can play dsd, but am afraid that it may deviate too much from the sound signature that I like.
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