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XDuoo XD-05 Portable Dac/Amp Introduction - Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by h20fidelity, Dec 3, 2015.
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  1. misteral201103
    You'll need something like this:

    Solder the op-amp into that adapter, then the adapter just pops into the socket like the original op-amp.
    That link is from earlier in this thread - the name of the adapter on that page should result in the right component if you need to search on other sites.
  2. oneula
    anyone try this with the bluetooth adapter?
  3. Mouseman
    I have the Bluetooth adapter, and it's great. Really good sound, and you can move the source wherever you want to avoid the RF noise. It's a must-have if you have the XD-05, IMHO.
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  4. misteral201103
    Well....got my 2209 and 1652 delivered today, along with a bunch of adapters, only to discover that the opamps are TINY and not immediately compatible with the adapters!!
    A bit of searching and comparing to images in this thread leads me to believe I need a SOP-8/DIP-8 adapter on which to mount the chips (think that's a job for my wife and even then I suspect the work might be too small)
    @imran27 - is there a standard convention for the routing of legs to pins in these adapters or do I need to find something super specific? I have found this:
    but not 100% sure it is compatible. And if it is, will it matter which orientation the chip follows?

    Blundered in thinking "Reckon I can do this" and now thinking I might have to just leave it alone! Not much of an investment, so no tears if I can't push forwards....
  5. imran27
    Are the opamps SOIC or VSSOP?

    There are DIP-8 adapter boards which can do SOIC-8 on one side and VSSOP-8 on the other side.

    If the opamps are VSSOP, the adapter boards you linked will still be bigger.

    Also, soldering VSSOP is a little tricky but still doable, just make sure you use right amount of flux and the right tip for the job.
  6. misteral201103
    Hi Imran,

    Working with these:

    I'll need to pick up a smaller tip for the soldering iron and it's still going to be a challenge, even for my very capable missus!!
    Thanks for your help and your advice!
  7. joeydgraffix
  8. Alexnoj
    There is what to do with click noise? I installed the driver
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  9. Onik
    anyone tried SHURE IEMS like SE535 with XD05??
  10. Onik
    is there anyway I can fix the sleep mode issue for xd05??
  11. Tutakahaman
    I had this same issue when installing some off drivers a while back.

    Completely uninstall the driver and all apps installed with the original driver installation and re-download the latest version from the website. They have updated the drivers and they work better now.


    Download the one labeled XDUOO USB DRIVER(For XD-05,POKE,TA-10 ).
    You will need to extract it and install the compatible driver for your OS.

    After that, should no longer click.
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  12. Tutakahaman

    As far as I know, there is no way to fix this. Since I regularly use mine on PC, I "solved" this by downloading white noise and putting it on a loop and turning it down to where I can barely hear it in vlc. While this is not the most ideal solution, it does keep it from powering off when I am sitting there for 20 minutes with no noise.
  13. rvcjew
    Wait, it turns off the amp section or just the digital portion when not used for 20 minutes? I thought it could only turn off with the knob? I use it on the Coaxial setting and am wondering if it does not play sound will it turn it self off or something?
  14. Tutakahaman
    Oh shoot I thought he was talking about the bluetooth adapter.
  15. rvcjew
    Oh maybe they are, I use the BT adapter for the coax. I thought maybe I could listen while sleeping and it would shut it self off later lol, but the amp portion is what you would want to do that not necessarily the BT part.
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