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XDuoo XD-05 Portable Dac/Amp Introduction - Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by h20fidelity, Dec 3, 2015.
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  1. misteral201103
    Not sure if this will help, but: you can't use high gain AND bass boost on the V5i. Check bass boost is turned off.
    Good luck!
  2. Mouseman
    I can get it to run both if I let it warm up for a while, but if you have a set that needs bass boosted, I'm usually fine leaving it on medium gain.
  3. misteral201103
    Same, I have no need for the high gain setting.
  4. Tutakahaman
    Any tips on removing the battery without making it explode?
    I have been attempting to re-solder the USB port only to fail horribly because I am a noob and terrified of getting to close to the battery. Currently the USB on my unit is non functional at this time and have been resorting to either Aux input or using the bluetooth adapter.
  5. Ddhead
    Hi, quite new to op amp rolling here, I owned a Asus Essence STX, the op amp inside it is a JRC 2114D, I was wondering whether I can swap this JRC 2114D to use with the Xduoo XD-05.. Curious to test how it will sound..anyone know whether Is it compatible to swap without damaging the XDUOO? Curious to find out how OPA 1612 and JRC2114D sound differently..
  6. Ddhead

    Hi.. I'm a fan of flat and neutral, by stock XDUOO XD-05 OPA1612 sounded good to me.. And heard many review said the sound from stock 1612 is flat enough? Will upgrading to this Burson V5i D change the overall signature away from flat and neutrality? Or is it better? I do not wish the Burson V5i to colour the sound but does it? Heard many reviews said after the upgrade to V5i the sound is fun and musical? Does it mean it colours the sound?

    Really quite tempted to do some upgrade to improve the sound though..
    The gears I'm using is ATH M40x with Android USB Audio Player Pro Bit Perfect

    Thanks and hope for your honest opinion before I decide whether to purchase
  7. imran27
    Compared to how it sounds with LME49720 and OPA2209, OPA1612 (Stock) is certainly not neutral
  8. Mouseman
    It's been a while since I had the stock opamps in, but I'll try to remember. :darthsmile:
    The V5i's open up the soundstage, and have much better dynamic range and resolution. They really transform the XD-05 from a good DAC/AMP into an amazing one. It pairs well with all of my headphones, and my Pinnacle P1s (among other IEMs). I don't think they color the sound (other than maybe a bit of warmth, but nothing major) -- it's mostly about better performance. I think when people say they're more musical, they mean that it's like going from a little room to a big hall. It was my favorite DAC/AMP until I recently got the Burson Playmate, but that's a lot more expensive and a much different use case.

    If you have the XD-05, I would also highly recommend the Bluetooth unit. It has great sound and makes the XD-05 much easier to use (and no fiddly cables to worry about or RF interference with your source).
  9. joeydgraffix
    Is there any other discreete op-amps that are better than stock? I know everyone rocks Burson but I had bad luck with my first one not working and I want to still have bass boost and high gain mode work.

    I love the soundstage/bass/and that tiny bit of holographic sound the stock op-amp has. But I’m wondering if theres something similar that has tamed down highs and maybe a forward projecting soundstage?
  10. imran27
  11. misteral201103
    @imran27 If you were going for holography above all else, which OA would you rec? And does your capacitor mod make a difference here as well?
  12. imran27
    For holography I would go for OPA2209, adding a Nichicon VZ goes a step further in soundstage, increases low end and reduces the treble. With OPA1652 I go for Nichicon PW which is neutral, fast and opens up the top end a little bit.

    For absolute best holography, I would go discrete. V5i provides good holography - trick is to use low gain while power up and after a minute, switch to high gain if needed.
  13. misteral201103
    Thanks so much for the quick and informative reply! We're lucky to have you in this thread!!!

    For anyone interested in Imran27's capacitor mod, he has provided plenty of details, with images showing exactly what he has done on page 95 of this thread:

    For the images, use the link to Google images within that page.
  14. max1236
  15. joeydgraffix
    Thanks! For that op-amp do I need to modify it in order to fit? I searched for it and the pins seem different.
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