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XDuoo X3 DSD 24Bit / 192KHz CS4398 Chip Lossless Music Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by h20fidelity, Oct 3, 2015.
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  1. fluteloop
    i can’t boot into stock few either. Rbox... ez.. no sweat every single time mane
  2. jms74
    Please help me.

    My xDuoo x3 microsd slot 2 has stoped working, if i insert a card on the slot 2 then the player wont even boot up. It wont shows the files even if the device is booted.

    I've tried rockbox and its the same, i've tried reinstalling the original firmware 3 times and its the same thing. No files shown on slot 2 and stock firmware wont boot up at all.

    I've bought mine from gearbest and so i've got to send it back to china i think with expenses paid by me and i dont want to do that, specially cause i can receive a device that got a way worse battery than mine as i tend to take real care of my device and my charging habbits so the battery will degrade more slowly.

    What can i do?

    Please help me, i really need the second slot and it was one of the reasons i bought this player.

  3. bsoplinger
    Did you try only 1 particular SD card in the 2nd slot or multiple ones? Did you try the problem card in the 1st slot? Did you swap the 2 cards and try?
  4. Slater
    Did you by any chance accidentally jam a memory card in the wrong direction? If so, it may have bent 1 or more pins and/or broken off the locking tab (which would be preventing proper insertion or all of the pins from making proper contact).
  5. Kegham
    Does the random or shuffle function works to mix the songs in the two sd cards? Or only can play it from one SD card at time?
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
  6. Slater
    I do it all the time.

    I have a playlist that has all songs from both cards. Then I just play that playlist in shuffle mode.
  7. Kegham
    I'm in some doubt about the D3 or the x3, also heard something about the new x3+ but I think it's gonna cross my budget for now. Any thoughts about the D3?
  8. Slater
    What’s the doubts about the X3?

    Plenty of power, good battery life, dual card slots, Rockbox.
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  9. Kegham
    Actually I expressed myself in the wrong way, my apologies. My doubts are about the D3 device regarding the x3.

    What's the main differences between this two? because the D3 it's cheaper and I was wondering what are the cons. I saw some reviews on YouTube and from my point of view the only thing that's really better is the screen. The DAP is not dedicated(?).
  10. bsoplinger
    You can purchase the X3 for about the Nano D3 price as long as you're patient in waiting for a sale price. I bought my 2nd X3 from Gearbest for under $80 which isn't much more than the D3. I own a D3 and you can find my impressions in the Xduoo Nano D3 thread. In short, no gapless, initially cut off the beginning of every song, has folder navigation issues, cue file issues (as in I don't think they work at all). Xduoo quickly issued 3 firmware point updates (as in all within a span of less than 6 weeks) to correct the cutting off of the beginning of songs, navigation and for a few features that I don't use so don't remember what they were perhaps Bluetooth functionality issues. Now only the first song played has its beginning cut off occasionally, not very often. Folder navigation is more incorrect than initially in my opinion. Once they got the cutting off of song issue and whatever other issues they felt were important no more updates have occurred. They unfortunately have a problem with perception of not issuing further updates after the initial ones from a previous model (the X10 perhaps) so I'm not sure if anything more will be fixed.

    With the X3 you've got RockBox for full functionality for 16 bit files, the option to go with Xduoo firmware for native 24 bit playback (RockBox downsamples everything to 16 bit), 2 card slots, at least equal quality sound and more power.
  11. Sig Master
    I'm since a short time a happy X3 owner
    I realy like the simplicity of the controls and it's shape.
    Also, that it is "only" a music player, and not een movieplayer/gamemachine/photocameras/etc, is e big advantage for me.

    Because I want to have it playback gappless, I installed RockBox on it, and that works like a charm.
    But... there is always a but, is there anyway to return back to the "default" firmware?
    Dualboot doesn't work, and only gives a black screen, just as some other users report in previous posts.

    Reason I want to turn back, is to experiment with the 24bit files.
    Ohw, and there are indeed different versions of the X3, the mine has a 2000mh battery in it.

    (Excuse for bad gramatics, UK is not my main language, but I hope it's understandable)
  12. Kegham
    Hi! Thanks for answering, I think I'm gonna go with the X3 then! Since I got no rush to buy it, I'll wait some sale out on gearbest or banggood because under $100 would be nice.
    Just one question, the folders are sorted alphabetically right?
  13. Slater
    Yes, folders are sorted alphabetically by default in Rockbox.

    And unlike some ChiFi DAPs, you do not need to use a separate program on the computer to sort the folders. It is all done automatically.

    Be aware that each memory card is separate. By that I mean if you want to browse for a folder, you would select which memory card you want to browse, and then look through the alphabetical list of folders on that card. If the folder you are looking for is not on that card, you would go back and select the other card (and browse for the folder on that card).

    Because of this, you may want to physically put certain letters on each card to make it easier to find music. For example, memory card 1 could have folders A-N and memory card 2 could have folders M-Z.

    You don’t have to do this, but if you put folders a mix of folders A-Z on both card 1 and card 2, it may be harder to find a folder starting with the letter C (for example) because it could be on either card). Unless of course you can remember which specific card the folder is on.

    Does that make sense?

    There’s no right or wrong way to organize your folders. I’m just describing the way of organizing the folders that I have found to be best. I previously would just put random folders on either card (ie A-Z on both cards). It became inefficient to find a folder, because I would often have to look through both cards until I found the folder I was looking for. I have since organized it with half of the alphabet on 1 card, and the other half of the alphabet on the other card. It made it much easier and faster.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
  14. Kegham
    stock version doesn't work that way, then?
    Right, the way you manage to organize your folders seems to be the more efficient way, I guess I'll do that too, but if I want to play all songs from the two cards randomly I can, right? Both on stock and Rockboxed
  15. Slater
    Hmmm, I don't remember. I only had the stock firmware on the X3 for about 6 hours before I installed Rockbox LOL. The playback speed bug bothered me too much.

    Not sure about stock firmware (again, I hardly used it enough to even remember the particular features).

    For Rockbox, yes definitely. You would just add all tracks from card 1 to a new Rockbox playlist. Then, in the same playlist you would "Add to Playlist" and add all tracks located on card 2. When finished, you would have a 'super playlist' with all tracks (from both card 1 and 2). To play randomly, you would just play your 'super playlist' in shuffle mode.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
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