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xDuoo X2 - small lossless player with microSD and OLED!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redfx, Jan 3, 2015.
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  1. redfx
    Try with firmware 5.0, or convert to .flac, or another memory card.
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    can't help the only wave file I still have are test tones  ^_^.  go flac go!!!!!!!!
  3. dezane222
    i have serious problem here
    my x2 just cant read FLAC file
    i already converted it again. but no luck.
    will try to switch to v5
  4. redfx
  5. dezane222
    i used dbpoweramp and foobar with no luck
    with firmware v5 it also didnt detect my flac file
    i decided to exchange mine with another new x2 to my seller.
  6. DJScope
    Mine works perfectly fine with the stock FLAC converter. Maybe you need to update your converter to the latest version? What compression setting are you using?
  7. dezane222
    i used flac 16bit and 44.1khz
    i already sent my x2 to my seller
    he will exchanger it with another new one
    hope it will have no problem  :)
    thank you all for the help
    this x2 sound is great. better than my clip+ and ipod 5.5
    and there is this natural and rock EQ. i often switch them to my need
  8. Endorphin
    I had X2 for three months and was quite satisfied with it. Today it broke down and would not power up anymore. There was no physical or water damage involved.
    Anyone else experiencing technical issues with X2?
  9. moracajay
    Mine too got broken in its 4th month. I want to return it but shipping to penonaudio would be half price of X2. I really like the sound quality better than my Clip+ or Htc M8. Now im going back with my 4year old clip, still sound good but not x2 good.
  10. Oppertunities
    Did you disconnect the battery, maybe this will help.
    I have heard some bad Audio files may Crash the X2
  11. getclikinagas
    Do we finally have shuffle all?!
  12. Oppertunities

    Yes - but only up to 750 files max...
  13. red71rum

    Anyone install it yet? I was able to download the firmware but cannot download the installer here at work(it is blocked).
  14. Oppertunities

    Yes, but this Version is still Beta and not for public release...
    And the Installer really sucks.
  15. red71rum
    I did not realize it was a beta release.
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