XDUOO NANO D3 24bit/192Khz DSD256 portable DAP-Info and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Nymphonomaniac, Dec 11, 2017.
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  1. Nymphonomaniac
    Ugh....from what I read UI look quite disastrous....perhaps it was release too fast. Will adress this issue to Xduoo team and ask about potential firmware update and ask too if it can solve ALL this problems.

    This is not normal that everybody struggle with the UI, especially taking the fact X2-X3 aren't that bad about it.

    So, there a comparaison of compenents and features of X2-X3 that Xduoo share me.

    About returning the D3, I think you can ask your seller before. I know from other DAP I bought (especially DX90) how firmware can be a big problem, especially the first one....they should test it more or use some guinea pigs tester BEFORE puting it on market but well, China is in a hurry, new DAP appear every month, not even a joke!

    Quite sad to read negative impressions. At least the sound look okay, can we have more impressions about that to? And I wonder if microsd card can be the proble. Did all is perfect when we play music with internal memory????
    And positive and negative aspect list will be appreciate!

    SHould receive mine next week, will try to figure out WTF is about this firmware issues.
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  2. mbwilson111
    Exactly. Have they learned nothing from the feedback on previous devices?
  3. Nymphonomaniac
    Not sure they even read it.....I think they don't understand how much X2 and X3 passionate fan they got....yesterday was checking a video about best DAP of 2016 (it was a joke this video) and in commentary LOT of them ask, where is the X3 where is the X3?

    Anyway, will see if a firmaware update can change the DAP for the best. Will urge them to take this VERY seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. atmazzer
    Oh wow, it such a shame you were unable to gift your father a decent player.
    Well, maybe I shouldn't be too hasty too on taking decisions. This is supposed to be my upgrade from Walnut V2s.
    I used it as my DAC (or DAP sometimes if I don't bring my laptop) and I think I quite like that one despite it's kind of lacking in bass and a bit too flat for me.
    I wanted to mod it at first, but I don't have any time as I was busy with work so I had to sold it and decided to look a new music player with any kinds of sound characterization.
    Then I find out about the pre-order of this. And after looking at their past products I decided to give it a go.

    ...Only to find it to be a bummer. Damn.
    Seriously though. They just need a decent firmware developer (or maybe just outsourcing it somewhere) and I think their products would be pretty good.
  5. crabdog
    Okay the D3 has been struck from my list as well. Maybe if there's a magical firmware update (unlikely knowing xDuoo's track record) it might be worth looking at. For now though....another crappy lemon.
  6. fredhubbard2
    ok... so the UI and firmware is a bit buggy... but this thing SOUNDS amazing. im holding on to this , hopefully a firmware update will be released to fix the teething problems. its like a very powerful xDuoo X2. it looks and feels great, and to my ears sounds really nice. loads of power and clarity.
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  7. fredhubbard2
    drums and percussion sound really ace with this thing....like big heavy THWACKS. its also very loud, dont think i'll need to strap an amp to it!
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  8. Nymphonomaniac

    Very nice to hear more impressions about SOUND SOUND SOUND SOUND SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And....amping more powerfull than X2. Thats a nice thing to know as well!

    Clarity, power, and nice thick attact....okay, my excitation came back to life!

    Thanks for sharing. Don't force your good vibe but share more impressions as you wish. Much needed!
  9. HavocStellar
    anyone know what dac chip D3's using?
    edit: i guess its CS4398
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2017
  10. fredhubbard2
    i'm hoping they will bother with a FW update ... they did 7 for the X2

    my music just sparkles with the D3. going to see how well it drives my Havi B3's.
  11. Slater
    7 updates for the X2?

    Why no love for the X3?
  12. Igor Ruzaev
    Well, because they got famous with X2 and X3 was lucky enough to get RB ported.

    Why should they bother with updates, lol. They'd better flood the market with their new models.
  13. fredhubbard2
    no idea! i suppose they didnt bother after rockbox could be ported. i still prefer the SQ of the X2 to the X3 anyway .... but back to the D3 ... i'm really enjoying the sound of this thing. thick, powerful, sparkly sound. lots of seperation and soundstage, and percussion really cuts through.
  14. voxdub
    I fancy a new DAP in the new year to replace my Nintaus X10, still got an Xduoo X2 and loved it's sound so had high hopes for this, just hoping they can sort the firmware out. Otherwise I'll spend a bit more and get a Shanling M2S.
  15. Nymphonomaniac
    Copy paste impressions of D3 from russian guy Alex (translate by Google):
    Personally I consider it quite positive. Firmware can always improve. Sound rarely. So, have a good read!
    Novelty, organoleptically, in no way inferior to its predecessor: all the same neat and strict outlines, a high-quality metal case with a matte finish, hardware buttons (of which there is more on 1 pc. - the on / off button, however, due to the transfer of 3x to the side face, D3 and looks laconic and more convenient in practical use).

    Differences from X2 all entirely with a plus sign:

    - If x2 strongly disliked many for a mirrored display, making it almost impossible to work with a device on the street, the D3 offers a large, really bright and contrast display. Nothing is worse than that of the current flagship X10 .

    - If the x2 shell was completely primitive (simply because of the impossibility of implementing a number of functions on the processor used in the project), then the rockchip nano DL used in D3 allowed all the "wants" of x2 users, in one fell swoop: here you also have a configurable turn off memory (song or location), and a fast track rewind, and an equalizer (5 modes + custom), and support for a significantly larger number of formats, including breaking images into CUE files. (True, for some reason, partitioning into CUE only works in the playback section of All files.) When you start an image from a folder, it is played back with one whole piece. I hope this feature will be fixed in the future.)

    - from the nice extras we have the second (linear) output, pausing when the headphones are disconnected and the device's blocking mode (when the backlight is turned off, like the predecessor, D3 blocks either all the keys, or the volume, or control, or does not block anything, to the user's choice)

    - Added 8GB of internal memory to the device. Again: a trifle, but nice.

    - the colorful cover now shows the album cover if it is embedded in the tags of the file being played. In general, the interface is very similar in performance and graphics to the flagship X10. A kind of "sampler", a reduced and simplified copy of the top, for the inexperienced ..

    - increased dimensions, in addition to more convenient ergonomics (still, the overall dimensions of the Clip + in the everyday life are shallow and impractical) were pleasantly reflected in the increase in the operating time to 20 hours, depending on the mode of operation.

    The xDuoo D3 nano sits perfectly in the hand and does not pull the pocket.

    Owners of large fingers use the device form factor Sansa Clip + almost unrealistic

    In general, without spreading through the tree, I will say one thing: the device looks (and is executed) simply cool! In fact - this is an ultraportable dream, and only ...
    I did not have any questions about the implementation, quality and thoughtfulness of the performance.
    Well, perhaps, the buttons paging tracks are located one above the other, like many Chinese, from Hifiman to xDuoo X3 .
    If you use xDuoo D3 constantly, it's easy to get used to it.

    In the Russification of the menu, in the current firmware 1.1 there are some shin. I already helped with their elimination, so in the next version the translation will be more correct.

    Yes, another small nuance. If x2 had definitely expressed choleric, simple and fervent character of this "shirt-guy", then D3 we have - a refined phlegmatic. This applies to both the nature of the sound (about which a little later), and the slow response to the controls. The hasty bustling of the buttons with him does not go away. Be prepared to react to your actions slowly, with the arrangement so to speak. I would not call this a concrete undermining, but a kind of slowness.
    This should definitely be taken into account: people who are hasty, such a fact can greatly podbushivat [​IMG]

    Performance and ergonomics ... 5
    Interface .......................... 5- (slow reaction, minor shortcomings, which, I hope, will be solved by updates)
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