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XB500 vs Studio Beats?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by acanadiandude, Dec 27, 2010.
  1. Poopah B
    I've had my XB500's for over a year now & have compared them with many of the Beats models.  None of the Beats sound nearly as good or are as comfortable. But I must say that the Beats look cool.  I'd go with the Sony's over the Beats any day.
    I purchased my XB500's for $52 (plus free shipping) at Amazon.
  2. JayOTheFirst
    Get the xb500 defo its recommend by many people, the beats are one of the many headphones that shouldnt be getting much attention
  3. atomikn00b
    Since it appears you have the funds...
    might I suggest you also try the Panasonic HTF600s???
  4. Ojsinnerz
    Please look at the post date before replying, fellas.
  5. xRoyalflush
    I love my xb500 really the best headphones i ever listened with and theyre so comfortable and the beats are looking gay :D
  6. lukEM22

    I would say he is more saved from 'beats'. Monster has some good IEM's. I just listened to the turbine yesterday and thought it was exceptionally good.

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