X6 and HD599
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Dec 10, 2019
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Hey guys, just joined. I havent been interested enough in personal audio since college when I was around of my Denon DR435 and my lil 301's. But that's changed recently and with a daughter whose fallen in love with music and singing it's a good time to get involved.

I got the M40x's as a gift last year, sounds nice but didn't like the comfort. Never thought I could change pads until I watched Zreviews, who knew. Anyways didn't like fit so let my daughter use em, her eyes widened when she listened to her broadway music on them, so those are now gone for good. All good dad gets to shop. And here, after doing some research and with my budget, is what I landed on: The FX Audio X6 for $65 and the Senn Hd599 for $129. I am sure this combo should be fine and I suspect a bit better than my MSI onboard audio with the Target sold Hyperx Cloud Stinger.
Hope to be a regular going forward.

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The X6 arrived a couple of days ago. I used the toslink from the PC and I took back the m40x to test it.

I am kinda messed up from this. I had no idea I was missing that much detail. Haven't had hours of time but just a few songs in and I kinda get why you guys get obsessed. Marley's Exodus, some loud stuff from RATM, few select tracks from Revolver, the 3 best songs from Rumours, a couple of Broadway hits Satisfied from Hamilton, few others. Then googled soundstage test and found a few more that were amazing.
Really different experience.

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