X-Fi Titanium Vs. EMU 0404 PCI analog output.
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Oct 14, 2003
I just recently got an X-Fi Titanium (PCI-E) to replace the Audigy2 ZS I had to sacrifice when I went with a crossfire setup and ran out of PCI slots.

Previously, I had run the digital output from the audigy into my 0404 PCI in order to take advantage of the better DAC in the 0404 while taking advantage of EAX with the audigy.

The 0404 is actually in another computer (my webserver), but it acts like an external DAC just the same.

I could continue to use it, having the digital output run from my X-Fi into the 0404, or I could instead just use the X-Fi.

What it comes down to, is which has better analog output? I've always been satisfied with the 0404 but it is a few years old now. I've heard a few good things about the X-Fi, but then again I only have the regular titanium edition and not the fatal1ty or elite pro models.

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