WyWires Platinum XLR Cables For Mr. Speakers Headphones

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    For sale is a 5 ft WyWires headphone cable for Mr. Speakers headphones with a Neutric XLR termination. These cables are extremely well regarded and are amongst the best available, and I've babied these cables and they are in excellent condition. I'd be keeping them if changes in my setup didn't require a 8 - 9 ft cable (and I'll be having a new cable made, with adapters for my other headphones).

    I bought these cables from LaCuffia (https://www.head-fi.org/threads/wywires-platinum-series-cable-for-mrspeakers-headphones-sold.852885) and had them re-terminated for Mr. Speakers headphones, and re-termination is also possible.

    I am able to accept PayPal and I'm willing to ship internationally. Retail pricing for these cables are $599 so this price is a major discount.

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  8. TypodCrowd
    Where did you have them reterminater? How much did it cost?
  9. jermaink
    The cables were sent to WyWires for re-termination. The cost was $50 plus shipping.
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