WTT: My modded Grado SR60's for your vintage PCDP
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Jan 21, 2006
I have a pair of Grado SR60's that I would rather trade for a nice vintage PCDP than sell outright. These SR60's have been nicely modded. First of all, the stock cable has been shortened to 4-feet and terminated with a high-quality black (w/gold tip) Switchcraft mini-plug. This was done to add to their portability. Head-Fi's "cantsleep" did this work. The cheap plastic grilles have been replaced with nice-looking stainless steel wire mesh (from a "Bed, Bath, & Beyond" drawer organizer - it looks stunning!). The inside of the cups have been lined w/speaker dampening adhesive asphalt strips and the back of the drivers w/Blu-tack-type material. Lastly, the flat pads have been replaced w/Grado bowls (but I'll include the flats in this deal, as well). Obviously, these look & sound better than stock SR60's, or I wouldn't have wasted my time doing these mods.

This is not my first pair of SR60's, nor the first pair I modded. I like these better than any of the other ones I had recabled w/high-end cable (I guess I like the Grado cable sound). These are easy-to-drive and loads of fun to listen to. Please PM your e-mail address for pics if you'd like to make an offer. Please remember that these mods do cost money and I'm only interested in a quality vintage player in mint condition (the condition of these Grados) that would sell around these parts for ~ $75 - $85. Thanks, and happy holidays! [size=small]zD[/size]

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