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WTT: Mint HE1000 for LCD-3F

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  1. The Correlation
    For Sale or Trade
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    •   United Kingdom
    Up for trade is my mint HE1000 V1. It is in mint condition with all accessories. The box even still has the protective wrap over the aluminium top, as pictured below.

    I bought these impulsively from a fellow Head-Fier just over a week ago. They are an absolute pleasure to listen to and have a soundstage that is taller and deeper than my HD800. Their tonality is also non-fatiguing, making them one of the best acoustic/live performance/rock/jazz headphones I've ever heard. I also purchased these over the V2 as I felt the V2 had too much treble and a narrower soundstage (albeit with slightly more precise imaging).

    I listen to and produce EDM, however, and find that the wide stage and neutral bass isn't ideal. I therefore think an LCD-3 would be more suited for my needs.

    I am currently living in London, so meeting in person would be ideal, but I am also happy to post within the UK.

    They come from a pet, child, and smoke free home. I don't use any hair products either. They have been extremely well looked after.

    Thanks for looking,
    Jean Marc

    GfGqbkP.jpg 20180614_184323.jpg
    20180614_184344.jpg 20180614_184429.jpg 20180614_184729.jpg 20180614_184849.jpg 20180614_184700.jpg

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