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  1. Vingard
    I have a HiFiMAN EF2 DAC/amp that is less than 2 months old, with approximately 50 hours of use. Looking to trade for a combo DAC/amp unit, or separate DAC and amp. Nothing specific in mind at this point, but looking for something different. PM me if you're interested.
  2. Vingard
  3. Vingard
  4. RallyMaster
  5. djpelisek

    I have a Headroom Total Bithead ($159 USD) that I am about to return since it has some kind of strange incompatibility with my laptop's (Lenovo T60p) network card (worked with every other computer I tried it with except mine...), but if you'd be interested in swapping, let me know! I'll hold off a day or two in case you get back to me.
  6. acvtre
    What would you think about selling it instead of only trading it?
  7. davidsnot

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