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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Carrow, Jul 19, 2018.
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  1. Carrow
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    So since I'm more interested in earbuds these days, I've opened myself up to the idea of having a rotating stable of buds in my collection. For now I am selling the following earbuds, all stock - I'm open to trades if you have buds of similar calibre to offer :)

    Venture Electronics Monk Plus (Coffee) - €5
    Vidos - €5
    K's 64U (Red) - €7.50
    FAAEAL Z-Sound - €7.50
    Z&W PK2 Panda - €10
    Venture Electronics Espresso (Single Ended) - €15
    Willsound MK1 Rev 2 - €25
    K's 300 Samsara - €115 with free shipping

    All buds will ship in carry case with a selection of foams. If you want to buy the whole thing then I'm open to that too, will offer a significant discount :)
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  2. seanc6441
    Hey got pics of that Zen Lite and Ourart TI7? :)

    I’m interested in those two. When you’re free of course, no rush.
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  3. Carrow
    Zen Lite and Ourart TI7 sold!
  4. Carrow
    Bump with addition and adjustments :)
  5. Carrow
  6. mika91

    How will cost the panda pk2s shipped to france?
  7. Carrow
    PM incoming :)
  8. Carrow
  9. lowendtheory77

    Interested in the faaeal z sound. I can trade you a Phillips she3800
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  10. Carrow
    BUMP. Have added a K's Samsara 300 set. Fantastic buds, they're just too hungry for my current primary source and struggle even when amped, so if you'd like them hopefully you can pair them with something decently powerful!

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