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WTS: Sony zx300 signed JDM

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  1. Snekismyfriend
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
    Selling my signed zx300 signed by satou-san. Satou-san is one of the designers of the Sony zx300, wm1a and wm1z.

    I got this last year from Japan. It's a 64gb internal storage model.
    Condition is a 8/10 with a minor dent on the top as shown in the 3rd pic.

    Comes with original cable, box and papers. Walkman to micro usb adaptor, dignis case, and extra rubber stoppers for the ports.

    Open to trades. Price is slightly negotiable. Will accept PayPal and will ship anywhere as long as you pay. 20190721_140433.jpg 20190721_140457.jpg 20190721_140525.jpg 20190721_140535.jpg 20190721_140914.jpg 20190730_182740.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
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  2. Snekismyfriend
  3. Snekismyfriend

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