WTS: Sony Hi-Res Audio Stickers

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by agnarr, Dec 7, 2017.
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  1. agnarr
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    My friends and me bought them not long ago, and we realized that we bought too many of them XD ,so we have to sell some of them.

    1 USD for 5 stickers.
    Not including shipping fees.
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  2. Feilong4
    I kinda wanna get some so I can slap them on random things haha. "Let me just cover the Beats logo with a few Hi Res Audio stickers."
  3. canthearyou
    Does applying these stickers make an object Hi-Res?
  4. Godel Von
    Definitely Yes, I have some stikers, now my 007mk1 sounds like SR-Omega
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  5. casper3127
    And... If I may ask, what did you, little creepy creatures, want so many stickers for???

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  6. agnarr
    Once I use a Hi-Res sticker on my clock, I've got to say, this is much better than HE1 XD

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  7. agnarr
  8. agnarr
  9. bbieringer
    Are these stickers still available? I am also interested to know if you have an approximate shipping cost to the Midwest at this time?

    I am interested in purchasing some stickers. Thanks!
  10. amat milan
    I am interested in purchasing some stickers. Thanks!
  11. agnarr
  12. frost15
    Do these come with with a hard (metallic look from behind) surface?
  13. agnarr
    No, just stickers
  14. teamdbatz
    do you still have stickers available?
  15. agnarr

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