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[WTS] Mint HD800 + Bestintheverse custom balanced cables + interconnect

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by lac29, Mar 24, 2019.
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  1. lac29
    For Sale
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    •   United States

    HD800 + Bestintheverse custom cable + free interconnect

    Not looking for any trades. If you want to pick it up in Columbus, OH I can give a discount (cash or paypal ... will differ).


    $825 w/free shipping within continental USA - Mint HD800 that literally has no scratches and only some dust from being underused. Comes with orginal packaging, box, manual, and stock cable, and I'd like to sell it with the custom balanced cable (throwing in an additional interconnect that I don't use that's also from Bestintheverse). This is probably the best used condition HD800 you will see. All the used ones I've ever encountered have had scratches etc. I think Bestintheverse cables are not available anymore and this one originally cost $130 and the interconnect was $58 for reference.

    Custom balanced cable info: HD800 / ViaBlue Splitter Termination: 4-Pin Male XLR Neutrik NC4MX Primary Braided Paracord color: FS Navy Blue Secondary Braided Paracord color: FS Navy Blue Label Left and Right : Black heat shrink with the Left and the Right labelled

    Interconnect info: 6" interconnect / 4-Pin Female XLR Neutrik NC4FX interconnect / No Split
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  2. nnrrwz
  3. Firstandrepair
    I'm interested if still available
  4. lac29
    Yep, still available. PMing.
  5. nnrrwz

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