WTS: HE-400 (2nd revision) - Comes with Velour Pads, Jerg Pads, 4' Custom Cardas cable!
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Oct 27, 2007
Selling an excellent condition pair of HE-400's.  They come with velour pads, jerg pads, stock cable, and a 4' custom Cardas cable.  I spent a few hours modding the jerg pads and I feel like they definitely bring quite a bit more balance to the HE-400. I would recommend any HE-400 owner to try it at least once to compare and contrast with the stock pads.  I used an old pair of Sennheiser HD600 pads for the jerg mod because I didn't want to cut up my velour pads.  In my opinion, it's good to be able to compare both of them and see which one you like better. 
They are the 2nd revision which is the revision that everyone wants.  With the 3rd revision, a lot of people were experiencing extreme treble issues so hifiman took them back.
Also I can add the HE-500 cable to the bundle for an extra $40. 
I work at a UPS Store so your item will be expertly packed and insured up to it's full purchase amount.  I take absolute pride in getting your items to you safe and securely.  Feel free to check my feedback if you need any confirmation =)
I can ship to different countries but prefer to keep these in the USA.  Shipping is a lot easier, I'm able to keep track of it's progress, and I can file a claim very quickly and easily in case anything happens.
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