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[WTS] Final Audio Design Sonorous VI *NEW*

  1. Toni Vallejo
    Price: 560€
    Selling to: Europe
    Condition: New
    Warranty: 24 months

    Hi, I'm selling the Sonorous VI I bought the 14/05/18. They're completely new, only taken out of the box to take the photos. They come with a 24 month warranty from Final Audio Design.

    Check my ebay ad: https://m.ebay.es/itm/Final-Audio-D...877056?hash=item25f696f080:g:SKoAAOSwC7Ba~HTo

    I already have a pair for my own and they sound the best for me! I'm just a HiFi enthusiast of course but these headphones have something that makes them different from the rest and which bring more life to my music.

    Anyone interested can ask me whatever and I'll be pleased to help!
  2. Toni Vallejo
    Price drop! 530€.

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