[WTS] Custom 2-Pin Litz Cables.

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  1. Aegruin
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    Hello. I want to sell some of my cables because I already spent way too much $$.
    I'll gladly answer all your question regarding my cables so shoot away!

    These few points apply all the cables below.
    - They are not burned-in properly (no more than 20h of usage)
    - All clean, never used outdoors.
    - I can reterminate them to 3.5mm but that's not ideal they have nice 2.5mm plugs!
    - Oyaide and WBT solder only.
    - Lenghts change between 1.0m-1.2
    - I can take more pictures of individual cables if you'd like more details.

    Thanks for looking!

    IF YOU PAY WITH PAYONEER, I CAN GIVE YOU A %10 DISCOUNT. (less fees, better income)

    NocturnaL Audio Asteria Tri-Metal (24 awg, 4-braid Silver&GoldPlatedCopper) 2.5mm Plug, 0.78mm 2-pin Price: 139$

    DHC Peptide Silver Plated Copper, 4-braid, 2-pin, 3.5mm multi-shrink custom plug.

    DHC Peptide SPC, 4-braid, 2.5mm Eidolic plug, 0.78 2-pin.

    SPC Blue, 4-braid, 2.5mm
    upclose wire http://i68.tinypic.com/16318l.png upclose wire

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  2. bvng3540
    I'll take the last 3 in the pictures
  3. Aegruin
    99$ each except for Asteria!
  4. Aegruin
    This guy is gone! sold!
  5. Aegruin
  6. Aegruin
  7. Aegruin
  8. Aegruin
  9. upsguys88
    which are still available?
  10. Aegruin
    I constantly remove the ones which is sold, so everything you see on this thread is available.

    Copper litz sold, removed from thread.
  11. Aegruin
    Everything you see on the thread, I keep it clean :)

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