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WTS: CLOSED. Fostex, Mrspeakers, Beyerdynamics, Grado, Sennheiser, AKG

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by bunbut, Mar 27, 2019.
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  1. bunbut
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    Hello friends,

    I want to consolidate my headphones. Only have 2 ears and not enough time. These had been sitting around.

    $100: 3 months old Fostex T40RP. First ownwer. Modded follow Mayflower instructions with include all original parts, 6 weeks old pads: NVX XRE100S ComfortMax Standard Cushions. Very good condition. No box.

    SOLD $150: Mrspeakers Mad Dog, lost the R letter. First owner Good condition. No box.

    SOLD $120 Beyerdynamics DT-880 600ohm recabled dual entry, 4-XLR terminated, XLR to 1/4 adapter. Not first owner. The original pad a bit old, no name black pads installed No box.

    SOLD $120 Grado SR225 come with carrying case. First owner

    $180 Sennheiser HD600. Excellent condition. First owner. Got it 4 years ago All the originals: case, box, outter box.

    SOLD $120 MD Sennheiser HD58X. Excellent condition. First ownwer. Got it 5 months ago. All the originals.

    $??? AKG 701. Good condition. Second owner. I got it way back 12 years ago. original pads worn out, new pads bought 6 weeks ago. 10 foot cables. Dual 3-pin XLR. 3-pin XLR to 4-pin XLR adapter, 3-pin XLR to 1/4 adapter. Don't know what this would go for now a day. Throw me an offer.

    Here are the pics, please let me know if you want to take more pics: https://web.nextivadrive.com/share/8l5w21k

    These are adult owned, no children or pets in the house. No smoking.
    Paypal and shipped to US from Arizona.

    May add couple more headphones for sale to the list.

    Thank you very much,
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  2. Jesspin
    The beyerdynamic headphone on the pictures seem to be the DT880. Can you verify the impedance?
  3. bunbut
    I updated the post. DT880 600ohm.
    Thank you
  4. elduderino04
    I'll take the 58Xs, thanks.
  5. bunbut
    @edulerino04: I sent you pm for PP info.
    Thank you
  6. sonic2911
  7. audiowalker
  8. bunbut
    The DT880 and 58X are now sold shipped.
    Thank you
  9. mondonatalia
  10. bunbut
    Sorry, US shipping only.
  11. bunbut
    Sunday bump
  12. manthisis
    How many hours on the hd600? Are the pads compressed/dirty?
  13. bunbut
    For the HD600 I don't know exactly but I say between 300 to 400 hours max.
    Pads are very clean to me and thick still. Can take more closed up pictures and post them tonight.
  14. manthisis
    No worries, I found another pair. Thanks though!
  15. bunbut

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