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WTS: Burson HA-160 (MINT, Australia)

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  1. matthewh133
    For Sale
    Hey everyone, I'm selling my Burson HA-160. It's in mint condition. Comes with the manual, original box etc. It's an awesome amp, heaps of slam and dynamics to boot, but I am selling most of my headphone gear to fund some new guitar gear. My speakers serve me well for the moment.
    Take it off my hands for $525 collected from South-East Melbourne, or add postage/paypal if you cannot collect locally. I also accept direct deposit if you want to save yourself the paypal fees. These are $650+ new so save yourself the extra cash as mine could be passed as brand new anyway.

    Priority it to Australian buyers, but I can post overseas.
  2. RedSky0
    PM sent.
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